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Fall Out Boy Save Rock & Roll Tour Anaheim

Last night I had the pleasure of attending Fall Out Boy’s Sold Out show at the Honda Center Arena in Anaheim & snap some photos for Buzznet. I’ve been able to see the band perform a few times this year, from a 300 capacity room at The Roxy, mid sized venue at The Wiltern, to… More »

When Bands ‘Cover’ Their Own Songs

Readers of my blog will be familiar with ‘Covers Wars‘ when bands battle against each other playing different versions of the same song. But what do we call it when the original

Fall Out Boy Live At KROQ’s Red Bull Sound Space

Today my fellow music lover Sara Scoggins & I headed to partake in a very intimate Fall Out Boy show at the Red Bull Sound Space at KROQ’s studios. I felt incredibly lucky to see the band play to a group of only 200 people with a front row spot to see all the interaction… More »

The Evolution Of Fall Out Boy Drummer Andy Hurley

We’d like to give a big Buzznet hug & special Happy Birthday to our favorite drummer, Andrew Hurley from Fall Out Boy. Thank’s Andy for saving Rock & Roll, always being true to yourself, sharing comic books we must read and giving us tips to stay healthy. To celebrate we thought we’d take a trip… More »

Daft Punk Cover War: Patrick Stump V Daughter V A Man And His Flute

Daft Punk‘s ‘Get Lucky‘ is undoubtedly one of this year’s most contagious songs. It’s crept so far into today’s zeitgeist that it’s already fast becoming a karaoke classic. However, it’s not…

Happy Birthday Patrick Stump! The Evolution Of: Patrick Stump

Happy Birthday Patrick Stump! We have been Fall Out Boy fans since day one, way back when in 2001. It’s safe to say that Patrick has aged fabulously. To honor his 29th birthday we have put together an evolution gallery! Take a trip down memory lane and revisit some looks of the past and present…. More »

Dressy vs. Messy: Boys In Bands

Our favorite rockers usually abide by a very strict uniform of tees and jeans. When they’re really feeling saucey, sometimes they’ll forgo a shirt altogether. And why should they care? It’s a tried and true look that their fans love. I mean, a rocker in a suit is pretty much a contradiction. A cool, casual… More »

The Most Ridiculous Things About Fall Out Boy’s “The Phoenix” Video

Let me guide you though what I think are the most ridiculous things about the new Fall Out Boy video. And by ridiculous, I totally mean awesome and crazy.

What Famous Blonde is Appearing in Fall Out Boy’s New Album?

Fall Out Boy has been known for colaborating with a large variety of artists, such as Kanye West, Elvis Costello, Debbie Harry, Lil Wayne and Pharrell Wiliams. Earlier this week, Fall…

Fall Out Boy Premiere ‘The Phoenix’ Video – But Did They Make A Mistake?

When Fall Out Boy‘s new music video for ‘The Phoenixpremiered, most were simultaneously engrossed and grossed out by Patrick…

Show Us Your Tatts: Feat. Pete Wentz

It has been a while since I have done a feature on the topic of one of my favorite things ever, tattoos. I personally am addicted to them and have got quite the collection. In honor of Fall Out Boy‘s reunion I HAD to do this one on Pete Wentz. I feel like we have… More »

Song Equation: All Time Low – ‘Outlines’ (LISTEN)

Earlier today, All Time Low shared another new song online. For all those hustlers who haven’t yet heard it (why not!?), here’s a chance to…

Gym Class Heroes Record VH1 Unplugged Session With Patrick Stump And Friends

Gym Class Heroes recorded an acoustic session for VH1 Unplugged yesterday but the rap collective didn’t do it alone; they had a little help from their musical friends…

Patrick Stump Writes New Blog: He’s Not Depressed Or Quitting Music

Patrick Stump fans may be concerned to hear that the musician has taken to his Tumblr to write a blog in the early hours, however…

Patrick Stump To Venture Into Improvised Comedy Theatre?

Since his announcement that he was to take a ‘break’ as a solo artist, news has been relatively quiet on the Patrick Stump front. He’s been…

Watch A Sneak Peek Of Patrick Stump’s Appearance In “House”

On March 31st, the news broke that Patrick Stump was set to guest star in “House“. FOX TV listened to the buzz this casting generated and have…

Eggsential Easter Playlist

Unlike Christmas, Easter is not blessed with (or cursed by) a plethora of topical pop songs. However, if you are planning on sticking on some bunny ears and gorging…

The King Blues Announce Shock Split

Earlier today, The King Blues announced that they have split up in a seemingly out-of-the-blue blog post on their website (which has since suffered server problems due…

Patrick Stump To Star In “House”

Earlier today, Fox TV released a new press release for an upcoming episode of the medical drama “House” alongside a castlist which contained the revelation that <a…

Yellowcard Confirm Patrick Stump, Alex Gaskarth and Cassadee Pope Collabs.

Yellowcard are currently in the studio beavering away, working hard writing and recording their next album but they’re not alone as they’re getting by with a little…