Patrick Stump To Venture Into Improvised Comedy Theatre?

Since his announcement that he was to take a ‘break’ as a solo artist, news has been relatively quiet on the Patrick Stump front. He’s been producing, songwriting and lending vocals to the work of other artists however music is not Stump’s sole focus. Following on from his recent appearance in medical drama House, Patrick Stump returns to the world of acting but in a new format – theatre.

The “Soul Punk” singer is currently admist internet speculation that he has joined the new intake of comics at Upright Citizens Brigade (‘UCB‘); a theatre family in LA and NYC which also has a training center teaching the art of improvisional comedy and sketches where Stump may be studying.

The rumor mill began churning after Andrew Rafner’s Instagram picture landed on Fall Out Boy fan’s blog Icecreamhdaches yesterday. The photo depicts a pouncing Patrick Stump amongst a crowd presumed to be his current acting colleagues.

Photo credit: Andrew Rafner via instagram.

The image was geo-tagged to UCB’s LA theatre and captioned with “The members of Flying Pretend and Clever Pun” leading the Sherlocks of the internet to conclude that Patrick Stump has joined an “improv ensemble” who may be performing comedy at the theatre in the near future. And before you try to quash this by typing “lookalike”, Andrew Rafner confirmed what we all knew already when he answered one Instagram user who asked “Is that Patrick Stump?” with “Number one with a bullet” (that means yes).

Are you excited to see Patrick Stump venture into theatre?