Watch A Sneak Peek Of Patrick Stump’s Appearance In “House”

On March 31st, the news broke that Patrick Stump was set to guest star in “House“. FOX TV listened to the buzz this casting generated and have rewarded fangirls with a preview of the “Soul Punk” singer’s performance – almost a week before the episode’s premiere next Monday (April 16th).

The episode is titled “We Need The Eggs” and features a patient crying blood and, according to the press release, House “interviewing for a new hooker“. Patrick Stump plays a hospital staff member named Micah who’s (…wait for it….) in a band. Could we be so lucky to hear Mr. Stump – sorry, I mean Dr. Micah – serenade his possible new love interest for Dr. Chi Park?

You can watch the clip below. I’m sure that Tumblr users are GIF’ing it as we speak.

Will you be watching “House” on April 16th?

What do you think of Patrick Stump’s performance so far?