Patrick Stump Writes New Blog: He’s Not Depressed Or Quitting Music

Patrick Stump fans may be concerned to hear that the musician has taken to his Tumblr to write a blog in the early hours, however there’s no need to worry as his latest post contains one ingredient that “We Liked You Better Fat: Confessions Of A Pariah” was missing – optimism.

During “Welcome to the Wild West“, Stump addresses the common misconceptions from his February blog post, apologizing for his dramatization – “I got carried away with the sarcasm and hyperbole” – and reassuring his followers that he’s “not depressed” and “won’t ever quit music” even though we might not see a second solo album anytime soon.

Speaking of how he’s spent the recent blog-free months of his life, he confirms that he’s “still writing and working with other musicians” (most recently, Yellowcard). We knew this already, but it’s probably worth a cry of “Hallelujah” anyway. As for his current non-musical ventures, Patrick Stump has spoken out saying that his foray into “taking acting classes” is simply a “hobby” but he’s having “fun” doing it.

You can read the entirety of p.stump’s self-penned post here (don’t worry if you’re in a rush, it’s a lot shorter than last time). You can also reassure yourself that it’s probably ok to stop posting him cookies and teddy bears although he is “super embarrassed/humbled by all the compliments/heartfelt support I’ve gotten”….although, Patrick if you ever need a pep talk (or virtual cookies) we’ll be here.

Patrick Stump fans, this one’s for you:

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