Fall Out Boy Premiere ‘The Phoenix’ Video – But Did They Make A Mistake?

When Fall Out Boy‘s new music video for ‘The Phoenixpremiered, most were simultaneously engrossed and grossed out by Patrick Stump‘s left hand being chopped off by a rock chick wielding a meat cleaver. However, a few eagle eyed YouTube commenters saw past the gore and spotted that the mutilated body part that is delivered to Pete Wentz is actually Stump’s right hand. Oops.

“What does it mean? Is it a sign? Does it have a symbolic meaning?”

Well, uhm, I guess it could represent something.

“Tell me what you think it means!?”

Uhm. Yeah. I think…. Uhm. Well…. It’s kinda like this,,,

Perhaps it’s illustrating that Stump is Wentz’ right hand man (geddit?).

Maybe Stump’s right hand was cut off, but then it regenerated – just like Doctor Who. As for the left hand, that’ll grow back too. And then be posted to Wentz too.

Or maybe, the gangsters wanted to keep Stump’s left hand all to themselves but wanted to make a statement to Wentz so just sent a Halloween toy as a threat instead?

“I don’t think you believe these ideas”

Ok, you got me. I’ll put my hands up (both my left and right) and say a totally crazy idea.

“Go on then, tell me!”

I think the props department just made a mistake.


It’s either that or Fall Out Boy did it accidentally-on-purpose to wind us all up. It’s probably that one, isn’t it? Oh curse you, FOB for making us rack our brains over a red herring.


You can watch the video for ‘The Phoenix‘ below.

Did you notice the ‘mistake’?