Fall Out Boy Live At KROQ’s Red Bull Sound Space

Today my fellow music lover Sara Scoggins & I headed to partake in a very intimate Fall Out Boy show at the Red Bull Sound Space at KROQ’s studios. I felt incredibly lucky to see the band play to a group of only 200 people with a front row spot to see all the interaction between band members & capture photos for you to enjoy! Read what Sara has to say about the expereince below:

Fall Out Boy may have hung it up for a few years but today they once again proved they’re willing to make up for lost time to their dedicated fans. Today’s set, although succinct with only six songs, showcased FOB’s four members playing to the small room of 200 like they would an arena. FOB has not been short on making appearances over the last few months playing a short club tour, making several TV appearances and catering to as many special fan experiences as possible. Now in the midst of a theater tour, Fall Out Boy has come back stronger than ever playing their new material with enthusiasm and passion. I had mentioned this before, but they really have improved as a live band. Patrick Stump‘s voice is undeniably soulful and he works to make everyone feel the music in that room. Today’s experience was a blessing and my love for seeing this band live has been once again reinvigorated. #musicrules.