Without The Makeup, Hair, And Glam, Supermodels Look Super Normal

With a team of beauty specialists, airbrushing, and a million filter options to work with, it’s hard to picture supermodels looking anything but runway ready. While they might look perfect all the time, even supermodels take selfies with their pets and forego makeup at times, just like regular folks. From Cindy Crawford to Bella Hadid,… More »

Celebrity Couples Who Were Set Up With A Little Help From Their Friends

Dating is stressful enough, but being a celebrity can make it a lot more complicated. It’s not always easy finding love in Hollywood. Luckily, there are plenty of couples who were able to do so with a little help from their friends. Famous couples including John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry,… More »

Celebrity Makeup Artists Reveal Tips They Use On Their Famous Clients

Many of us aim to replicate the gorgeous looks celebrities sport on the red carpet or in films. If anyone knows how to copy those lovely trends, it’s the celebrity makeup artists behind them! Fortunately, they aren’t keeping their beauty tips to themselves. From getting the clumps out of mascara to achieving the perfect contour,… More »

For Better Or Worse, These Celebrities Married The Same Person Twice

Celebrity marriages and divorces tend to make front-page tabloid news. Hey, it’s hard-hitting gossip! But when celebrities get married, divorced, only to wind up saying their “I do’s” to one another once again, well, let’s just say it’s hard for many people not to get a bit of whiplash.From the very public relationship, divorce, and… More »

HBO Is Looking To Sink Its Teeth Back Into True Blood

True Blood first aired on HBO for seven seasons from 2008 until 2014. The show pushed the boundaries of the premium cable network, earned millions of fans, and enjoyed critical acclaim. Thought to be dead by many, HBO is now reportedly looking to have the show rise from the grave with a reboot.That means that… More »

Bob Dylan Sells His Entire Music Catalog

Singing legend Bob Dylan has agreed to sell his entire music catalog for an estimated $300 million. The deal with Universal Music includes every piece of music Dylan has written and published, a catalog that spans more than six decades. Among Dylan’s greatest hits that are now under Universal Music’s ownership are “Knockin’ On Heaven’s… More »

Daredevil Returning To MCU In Spider-Man 3

Everyone upset with the cancelation of Daredevil on Netflix will be happy to know that the Marvel hero will be revived on the big screen. And the best part of the big news – Charlie Cox will be reprising the role for the character’s upcoming appearance in currently untitled Spider-Man 3. As for how big… More »

A Man Thought He Saw A Distressed Beaver In The Mud, But After A Closer Look Realized His Mistake

It can be very easy to have a soft spot for animals. They are usually very pure and easy to root for when things aren’t going their way. This story has a little bit of those things. You might want to prepare yourself for an adventure that will take you down every emotional path.This is… More »

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