Which Miley Cyrus Era Matches Your Vibe And Energy?

Start Quiz Neil Lupin/Redferns via Getty Images Neil Lupin/Redferns via Getty Images Miley Cyrus is one of the most iconic and versatile pop stars of our time. From her early days as the wholesome Disney sensation Hannah Montana to her rebellious image in the Bangerz era, Miley has gone through many transformations throughout her career…. More »

Behind-the-Scenes Yellowstone Facts Every Fan Needs to Know!

Yellowstone is the hit show about the Dutton family and their ranch outside Yellowstone National Park in Montana. The show features several big-name actors, bringing life to the formidable characters that have captured viewers’ hearts.Here are some of the most fascinating behind the scene tidbits and secrets surrounding Yellowstone that every fan needs to know!The… More »

Landlord Gets Satisfying Revenge After Tenants Turn His House To A Pigsty

No matter how diligent people try to be in vetting who they will work and live with, the truth is that nobody can truly prepare for everything. So whether it’s by a boss, a friend, a lover, or a landlord, everybody will be taken advantage of at some point.But in one landlord’s case, that didn’t… More »

Netflix Shows: Cancellations And Renewals For 2023

One of the reasons why Netflix is one of the top streaming services across the globe is because they have a vast array of original content.While many titles have been renewed for this year, there have unfortunately been many cancellations as well. Continue reading to see which Netflix series will stick around and which ones… More »

Lights, Camera, Flower Power: Recognizing The Iconic Hippie Stars

Are you ready to take a trip down memory lane and discover which of Hollywood’s stars have embraced the hippie lifestyle? From their choice of clothing to advocating for communal living, you’ll be surprised by how many A-list celebrities fit into Merriam-Webster’s definition of ‘hippie’. So let’s dive in and explore which household names are… More »

Incredible Shots Of Margot Robbie You Have To See

Margot Robbie has played so many iconic roles over the years, including Harley Quinn, Tonya Harding, Queen Elizabeth, and more. These gorgeous photos of Robbie show what a true beauty she is, both on and off screen. She Loves To Have A Scene PartnerEven though she had a knack for acting at a young age,… More »

Taking The Lead: Actors Who Steered Their Film Roles To Success

Whether it involves strict dieting, extensive costumes, or adopting weird hygiene habits, many actors will take extreme lengths to prepare for a movie role. Oftentimes, their commitment to the part pays off, but other times they’re left with regrets. Here are some actors who took extreme measures to prepare for a role. Demi Moore Underwent… More »

Bride Asks If She’s Wrong After “Stealing” Step-Sister’s First Dance Song And The Internet Is Divided

Weddings can be a beautiful time, but they can also be prime breeding grounds for family drama. One woman went viral after asking if she was in the wrong for choosing the same first dance at her wedding as her step-sister did — and her reasoning had the internet talking!Drama is often on the menu… More »

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