Daft Punk Cover War: Patrick Stump V Daughter V A Man And His Flute

Daft Punk‘s ‘Get Lucky‘ is undoubtedly one of this year’s most contagious songs. It’s crept so far into today’s zeitgeist that it’s already fast becoming a karaoke classic. However, it’s not just us mere mortals who are up all night to get lucky as several famous folks are joining in the fun too, and so are notable YouTubers.

Here’s a selection of covers fighting to win this latest war.

Patrick Stump

During a Twitter Q&A session, Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump gushed about his love for ‘Get Luckytweeting that “If Daft Punk, @Pharrell and @nilerodgers were a band full time, that’d be my favorite band”. He went even further to prove his fandom by posting a Vine of himself singing its infectious chorus. His cover is extremely short, but is it ‘7 Minutes Seconds In Heaven‘?



Get Lucky‘ may be 2013’s most danceable track so far, but Daughter have re-invented Daft Punk with their own signature whimsical style. Recorded for BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge, Daughter have taken an entirely different approach and somehow turned charged up funk to an ethereal sway-along. Do you like their interpretation, or do you prefer the original?


A Man With A Flute

Spotted by Uproxx and Hypervocal, this YouTube gem features a bathrobed man playing ‘Get Lucky‘ on his flute in his utility closet. And yes, you did read that right. The odd mise-en-scene may make things a little weird, but don’t let it distract you from the beauty of one man making sweet music with his instrument.

AND THE WINNER IS: The man with his flute. [Writer’s decision is final, but feel free to argue in the comments sections]

Who recorded YOUR favourite ‘Get Lucky’ cover?