What Famous Blonde is Appearing in Fall Out Boy’s New Album?

Fall Out Boy has been known for colaborating with a large variety of artists, such as Kanye West, Elvis Costello, Debbie Harry, Lil Wayne and Pharrell Wiliams. Earlier this week, Fall Out Boy left fans wondering who was going to appear on their new album, “Save Rock and Roll,” when Pete Wentz asked fans, ” Guess what blond-haired singer we got?” On Thursday, the band revealed that it was none other than Courtney Love when they tweeted a six second video proclaiming the great news.

The Tweet said “It’s @Courtney, bitch #SaveRockAndRoll” along with this short video.

I was beyond estatic when I heard this great news, since Courtney Love is one of my biggest idols and I listen to Courtney’s band, Hole, all the time! Courtney will be appearing in a song Called “Rat a Tat” which will be on the bands new album, ‘Save Rock and Roll.’ It drops on April 16. I have very high expectations for this song, since it will contain two of my favorite artists.

Courtney isn’t the only one that is colaberating with the band on their new album. Pete Wentz confirmed to Bilboard that the new album will also feature a performance with the the legendary, Elton John. Patrick Stump posted this tweet on his Twitter “#saverockandroll #sireltonjohn” with this photo attached.

Rapper 2 Chainz appears on the bands first single off the new record, “My Song Know What You Did In The Dark”.

Fans everywhere are extremely excited for the release of the bands long awaited new album. It makes it even better that there are so many great colaborations on the album.

How do you feel about the colaborations on “Save Rock and Roll“?