Gym Class Heroes Record VH1 Unplugged Session With Patrick Stump And Friends

Gym Class Heroes recorded an acoustic session for VH1 Unplugged yesterday but the rap collective didn’t do it alone; they had a little help from their musical friends Patrick Stump, Neon Hitch and Black Violin (pictured above with the band – source). Sadly, there wasn’t a cameo made by Daryl Hall.

Gym Class Heroes confirmed the news via Twitter today and thanks to various band (and audience) members’ cameras, you can get a sneak peak of the live performances before they air on VH1, July 12th at 8pm in the USA.

Check out some phone-snapped images from the shoot below:

(Photo taken by @sev_one)

Travie McCoy and GBH’s frequent collaborator and producer Patrick Stump. (Photo taken by @sev_one)

Patrick Stump joining Gym Class Heroes onstage. (Photo sourced from Tumblr)

According to “classical meets hip-hop” duo Black Violin, “Travie McCoy can play a mean fiddle“. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if that’s true. (Image Source)

Will you be watching on July 12th?

If so, who will you be watching for – Gym Class Heroes or one of their special guests?