10 Animals That Are Just As Annoyed With The State Of The World As We Are

We’re suckers for animals here at Buzznet and we’re sure you are too. These 10 cutie pies really understand the struggle of the state of the world right now. It just proves that no matter how cute you are, there’s always room for a little uprising.

Other Things To Do Than Bitch About Politics

The crazy world of politics has pretty much taken over the entire world. It has gotten to the point where it’s becoming a bit too much. Yes, we agree that things do suck right now but there are other more productive things to do with your time that can easily take your mind off of… More »

This Is Why Politics Suck

Tomorrow is Inauguration Day. Now, depending on who you voted for – or if you even cared to vote at all (no judgement here) – this will either be a day of triumph or a day of never-ending hell. But isn’t that what politics are anyway? Just a load of bullshit a candidate promises in… More »

9 Ways To Stay Positive & Be The Peacekeeper

There are plenty of words to describe how most Americans are feeling post-election. I’d go with shocked, upset, divided, confused, preachy, and downright devastated. Social media basically turned into a land mine as we all did our best to sort through what’s happening in our country. Well, we could all pen long-form essays chock full… More »

Scarlett Johansson Holds Hands With Jared Leto At DNC (VIDEO)

Her ex-husband may be making headlines for his secret wedding, but Scarlett Johansson is creating a stir with her love life, too. While Ryan Reynolds was sneaking off to South Carolina to marry Blake…

Kim Kardashian To Run For Mayor?

Kim Kardashian is a girl who has probably done it all, but now she wants to get into politics! Yes, you heard me, POLITICS. This is not a joke. In an un-aired clip from the hit show “Khloe & Lamar” Kim tells her sister Khloe her desire to run for mayor of Glendale, CA. They… More »

An Open Letter To The Musical Ron Paul Twitter Hacker: WTF Were You Thinking?

Okay.  I know how passionate some people can be about their political beliefs.  Hell, I’m not exactly quiet about my own. I feel like it’s a good thing when people take interest in…

The Plan B Debate: What You Need To Know

WARNING: This installment of “What You Need To Know” is going to talk about sex and contraception.  I’m going to talk about it pretty frankly and possibly use words that could make people uncomfortable.  But…

The Occupy Wall Street Eviction: What You Need To Know

For roughly two months, protestors have occupied New York City’s Zuccotti Park in protest of growing class disparity, attempts to strip unions of their rights, continued unemployment and lack of job creation and more.  The…

Lady Gaga Ditches Target Over Political Issues

Looks like Lady Gaga will NOT be having a Target exclusive special edition of her upcoming album Born This Way come May 23rd. Gaga and Target were in talks of…

Lady Gaga Aims at Target, Apparently Hits a Bullseye

So, with Lady Gaga’s new album Born This Way on it’s way, the preorder madness has begun.

And when I say madness, well…see, Gaga partnered with Target to offer a special version of the album along…

Sarah Palin Would Deport Christina Aguilera (And This is Dumber Than It Sounds)

(Okay, so the piece this is based on is a parody piece but…seriously.  This is something the woman COULD have said.)

So, on Super Bowl Sunday, Christina Aguilera flubbed the lyrics to the National Anthem.  Mostly…

George Takei On Gay Bullying

In the wake of the media attention being paid to teenage bully and suicide, Arkansas school board member Clint McCance posted a Facebook update encouraging gay teens to kill themselves.

Not real smart.  McCance is…

Lady Gaga to Lead a “Repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” Rally

Lady Gaga, being Lady Gaga, got a lot of press for her political statement at the VMAs.  And then a lot of press for a video she posted to her official site urging people…

Lady Gaga Calls Out the American Senate

With the American Senate set to vote on the very important “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, which prevents openly gay men and women from serving in the US Armed Forces, a lot of people are…

Rock the Vote Healthcare Forum featuring Pete Wentz is NOW online!

Back in late October, I did an article here that talked about Healthcare Reform in the US and how it affects both Buzznet users and the bands they are fans of.  In the article,

I’ve Got a Pretty Face, I Guess That I Can…Talk Politics?

Gabe Saporta is not known for shutting his mouth.

The outspoken founder and lead singer of Cobra Starship has made his policy of telling the truth, even if it’s not the truth people want

Alaska Magazine Loves Irony

Funny how one month Sarah Palin is on the cover and the next, it’s her sworn enemy. No, not logic. Polar bears. Wonder how she commented on THEIR future, hm?

Fall Out Boy’s Issue Commercial

GET AWKWARD with Pete and Patrick.

Dear John McCain: Putting Your iPod on “Shuffle” Isn’t Working

So, recently there was news that the Foo Fighters had told John McCain to stop using their song “My Hero” at live events, as he had not asked the band’s permission

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