This Is Why Politics Suck

Tomorrow is Inauguration Day. Now, depending on who you voted for – or if you even cared to vote at all (no judgement here) – this will either be a day of triumph or a day of never-ending hell. But isn’t that what politics are anyway? Just a load of bullshit a candidate promises in order to get elected? I seem to think so. Our friends may beg to differ though.

Unfortunately, we all fall for it at some point. We endlessly watch the news coverage in the months leading up to a presidential election in order to form our own opinions of each candidate as we decide on who to vote for. I tend to compare politics to modern dating: you want to be swept away and told all of the right things to consider a second date, but then later on down the line once they have us, every promise they ever made gets thrown under the rug and we’re left with a liar and a heaping pile of crap to get rid of. It’s all a bunch of lies and I’m sorry to say this, but no matter how much we may like a candidate personally, they’re never going to do what we want to enforce any real change or progress. Politicians can’t please everyone. It’s up to us to ensure we live our best lives and putting all of our faith in one person to do everything isn’t the answer. I wish it was, but it’s not.

Obviously the shitshow of the 2016 election with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was embarrassing to watch. The SNL skits may have been hilariously on point but I’ve never seen this country in more distress than after Trump’s win. Do I support the guy? No. But whining and starting protests and riots isn’t the way to go about it. You cannot fight intolerance with intolerance and saying you want to flee the country is a bit ridiculous. I couldn’t believe the amount of people I knew who were getting into immature Facebook arguments over this stupid election. I’ve witnessed friends losing friends over who they voted for. I’ve witnessed an opinion get twisted into calling people names, marking them with the label of “bad person,” “fascist” and “racist.” How is ANY of this justified when you’re fighting against the person who bluntly does all of this himself? Just because you support a certain candidate does not mean you are any of those things! Every single person in this country has not lived your life. We all face different issues, different experiences and have different needs in order to survive. Quit telling others what they should believe and start walking in another’s shoes. You can’t jump down someone’s throat because you think they’re “uninformed” when it’s you who’s quite clueless as to what someone really goes through.

As I read every post and tweet during election night, not only did I feel a sense of discontent from the vibe in the air but more so from those who were blowing things way out of proportion. In other words: I’ll start freaking out when there’s something to really freak out about. As of right now, I’m going to enjoy my life without being butthurt over someone else’s political views. Call me crazy, but I kind of just want to chill out right now before January 20th and the worries of a nation of immaturity corrupt us, causing more strife within an already offended nation.

At the end of the day, politics suck because they’re politics. It does nothing but divide a country into two parties that are always at each other’s throats. There’s no compassion or common sense involved and I’d much rather skip out on the constant war of words between those who are trying to run a nation while acting like imbeciles in the process. #sorrynotsorry