9 Ways To Stay Positive & Be The Peacekeeper

There are plenty of words to describe how most Americans are feeling post-election. I’d go with shocked, upset, divided, confused, preachy, and downright devastated. Social media basically turned into a land mine as we all did our best to sort through what’s happening in our country. Well, we could all pen long-form essays chock full of opinions and rants, but instead, let’s amend our thinking a bit, shall we? When your family, friends, and coworkers seem to be at odds, here 9 ways to stay positive and be a peacekeeper:

Change The Subject: When things get really heated, change the subject. Talk about something lighthearted or entertaining. TV, movies, and new restaurants tend to be safe territory.

Remember The Good Stuff: Sure, you might disagree on politics or religious beliefs, but there’s a reason you’re friends with your friends and there’s a reason you love your family. Remind yourself of the good times and how much you support and care for one another.

Love Bomb: This is a practice my group of friends embraces fully. Take turns love bombing one another to boost spirits. Tell your BFF how kind and beautiful and talented they are because it’s true and when was the last time you vocalized those facts?

Hang Out At the Dog Park: When the world is going to hell in a hand basket, nothing feels finer than the love and cuteness of pups. Visit your local dog park and enjoy the sweet sweetness of dogs at play.

Join Forces Over Something You’re Wild About: In between landmines there are tons of safe spots for you and your pals to have positive, lovely times in. Are you sports fans? Go watch a game. Are you wine lovers? Go for a tasting. Heck, go bowling and just be merry!

Get Your Bake On: ‘Tis the season to get cozy and explore your baking chops! Make a batch of cookies or cupcakes and share the love. You’ll spread joy via sugary delights when we need it most.

Take A Yoga Class: When you need to relieve stress, anxiety, and bad juju, find a yoga class. Breathe deep and get lost in the zen.

Volunteer/Find Purpose: While you may not be in love with our president elect, take this opportunity to invest in a cause you care about. Volunteer for a non-profit or a local charity. Find positive outlets to make a difference. Instead of going negative, see what impact you can have on your community using grace, understanding, and compassion.

Treat Yourself To A Holiday Tradition: It’s the little things in life that can keep us positive, amirite? Go nuts and order a mocha latte with extra whipped cream. Order a big, fat piece of pie. Buy yourself a cozy sweater and bougie slippers.