An Open Letter To The Musical Ron Paul Twitter Hacker: WTF Were You Thinking?

Okay. I know how passionate some people can be about their political beliefs. Hell, I’m not exactly quiet about my own. I feel like it’s a good thing when people take interest in the world around them and the people who run their country.

But passion is no excuse for a total lack of logical thinking.

Which is why I am wondering, my Hacker friend, what the hell you were thinking when you proceeded to hack the Twitter accounts of groups like No Doubt and Rise Against in order to fool people into believing they supported Ron Paul.

Did you really think fans of these bands wouldn’t raise their eyebrows when they saw things like this?

Or when you posted to No Doubt’s feed to make it look as if they’d said “If you actually read what Ron Paul is saying, you will discover that for the first time in your life a politician is not lying to you.”

Regardless of my own feelings about Ron Paul (hint: I’m not a fan), what I can’t understand is why you would do this with musicians who actively update their Twitters and pay attention to what’s posted on them. Heck, No Doubt just did a Q&A the other day with news about their upcoming album! You were going to get caught. It’s not as if you used, say, Gerard Way‘s oft-forgotten Twitter stream.

I mean, if this was just meant as a prank it’s one thing. But if you were actually hoping to make your side look good by doing this, you pretty much shot yourself in the foot.