Other Things To Do Than Bitch About Politics

The crazy world of politics has pretty much taken over the entire world. It has gotten to the point where it’s becoming a bit too much. Yes, we agree that things do suck right now but there are other more productive things to do with your time that can easily take your mind off of it all. Please try them…for our sanity and yours.

Read a book

Nothing beats getting lost in another world for a few hours.


Create your own perfect universe instead of imposing your ideas on others.

Go to a museum

Spend a few hours learning about things that don’t involve demonizing someone who doesn’t share your opinion.

Buy or listen to music

Music heals. Set yourself free.

Take a road trip

Explore the places you’ve always wanted to visit and take your mind off of leaving snarky comments on every Facebook post.

Focus on your work

Instead of putting others down for not thinking the same way as you, focus on your work and start killing it like the bad ass that you are.


Laughing is contagious. We could all use some cheer around here.

Go pet some puppies!

Petting cute puppies is an instant mood-lifter and there’s no denying the love you get from a sweet little animal who doesn’t care who you voted for.

Get some rest

Seriously. You’re wearing yourself out.

Realize it’s not worth it

At the end of the day, bitching about something you disagree with isn’t going to change minds. Stand true for what you believe in and let others do the same. A different view does not equal a bad person. Get over it and move on with the one thing you can control: your own life.