I’ve Got a Pretty Face, I Guess That I Can…Talk Politics?

Gabe Saporta is not known for shutting his mouth.

The outspoken founder and lead singer of Cobra Starship has made his policy of telling the truth, even if it’s not the truth people want to hear, very well known to the internet at large. Hell, Cobra’s last album, Hot Mess, had a track titled “I May Be Rude, But I’m The Truth.” And Gabe has applied that truth to his band, his business dealings and his personal life.

And then, last night, he did the same for politics.

On Twitter, Gabe retweeted a link from Mike Shea about American Apparel being forced into firing their illegal immigrant work force. Gabe’s statement was that this was unfair.

sorry to go on a political rant. but the US is a country built by immigrants. the irish, the italians, etc. as an immigrant, this is hurtful

what ever happened to: “Give me your tired, yr poor; your huddled masses yearning to breathe free?” fucking dumbass republicans: eat my shit

When the rebuttals began pouring in, Gabe retaliated with a number of facts, such as:

“legality” don’t mean shit. it’s just ad hoc bureaucracy. who controls the control men?

bullshit. under Bush, border “protection” skyrocketed, while the Bush family hired illegals to clean their mansions.hypocrites

He also turned to personal experience:

but it’s nearly impossible to become “legal.” my dad is a doctor who went to Columbia Med, & was still discriminated like a mofo

i lived here illegally for 3 years. we don’t expect open arms. just a chance to work hard and be free of corruption

Gabe also opened up his political views in general, saying “democrats and reublicans are both horrible. i’m not either. just think about: what kind of self-serving ambition would lead one into politics?.” Though he also claimed to affiliate with neither the Democrats or the Republicans, he did have the following to say about the Republican Party: “they ruined our economy, cost the lives of 1000s of americans. i can go on?” And displayed his dismay at the current political climate by saying “the time for revolution has passed. we have all been sedated. armageddon motherfuckers.”

He ended the online debate with a series of several Tweets finalizing his feelings.

ok, i’m gonna try to get a couple more hours of sleep. sorry to go on a political rant. i normally try to steer clear of politics b/c but as an immigrant myself, it’s a obviosuly an issue close to my heart that affects me. and it hurts me to see so much discriminationagainst the people who toil endlessly and without recognition to keep this country afloat. everyone yearns for the opportunity to provide for their loved ones and achieve financial independence. that is the foundation of america; the american dream. and it’s devastating and heartbreaking to see how quickly that is being forgetten.. but maybe i’m just biased. ok, no more politix. one love.

He then ended it in true Gabe Saporta style: “oh yeah, and ps: if you dont like my rants, here are your instructions: 1) kiss my entire asshole, 2) unfollow me . fuckers.”