George Takei On Gay Bullying

In the wake of the media attention being paid to teenage bully and suicide, Arkansas school board member Clint McCance posted a Facebook update encouraging gay teens to kill themselves.

Not real smart. McCance is now no longer on the school board and has been called out and generally mocked by media outlets all over. He gave a half-hearted apology claiming he had nothing against gay people…which doesn’t really seem to ring true considering he was encouraging them to KILL THEMSELVES.

But now? Now it got real. Because George Takei has commented on the situation:

I love this video. There is something really amazing about Takei using the word “douchebag” repeatedly. However, it still does not live up to my absolute favorite bit Takei has done about homophobia in the media.

It’s that laugh near the end that seals the deal for me, really.