Emerging Talent: Nadine Shah

Like a siren crooning across the Atlantic, British-born songstress Nadine Shah has been garnering followers far and wide. In a culture saturated with techno pop and raging rap, it is refreshing to find a fresh sound that draws you in to every melodic note and lyric.

Self described as belonging to the genre of experimental classical pop, Shah’s music is “somewhere between funfairs and funerals.” She just signed to Apollo Records last month, but her latest track ‘Dreary Town’ from her upcoming EP of the same name has already been subject to critical acclaim.

Nadine Shah is definitely one to watch, although she has stated that she wouldn’t mind if her music career didn’t pan out and she had to go back to working for her family’s curtain company. Unlikely, but if that were the case, just steer clear of “irritating” puns, such as, “Pull yourself together!”

To get a taste of Nadine Shah’s ‘Dreary Town’ EP out April 15th, check out the video of her single ‘Dreary Town’ below! Happy listening, kittens!!!

What do you think of Nadine Shah’s soulful style? What is your favorite genre of music?