Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Hey buzz kittens!

I am like totally, for sure, a die hard 90s gal – it’s my fave decade through and through. I live for the music, the movies, the television, the fashion – it was all dope, man. It just seemed like such a simpler time, and everything seemed to make sense. After school I would ride in the back of my friend’s dad’s Bronco (sans seatbelts, duh) and we would head to the 7-Eleven in the Valley for some Coca Cola Slurpees. Then at her house we’d kick off our platform Candie’s tennies to dance and sing along to Spice World. I miss those days…

That is why I was uber stoked to discover that Alexander Wang (a designer I already adored for his upgraded sense of 90s grungy minimalism) presented a current collection that embodied a hardcore 90s trend – GLOW IN THE DARK! The ceiling of my old bedroom was plastered with those little greenish-white plastic stars and moons that I would stare up at before nodding off to dreamland. But Alexander Wang took it up a notch, or like fifty notches, and made everything from bags to shoes to skirts and tops glow in the dark – retaining class and couture-status. My favorite piece is a white leather skirt that is topstitched with white eyelet embroidery, giving a croc-like effect. The bottom two tiers are suspended with thread, so when the lights go off all you see is the illuminated eyelets – it’s so awesome. To see the look, take a peeksie at the gallery below – the Alexander Wang looks are the first few pics, but after I threw in a bunch of glowing inpso for funzies!

What do you think of Alexander Wang’s glowing goods???

P.S. Snaps for whoever gets the reference of my title – I’d actually be totally buggin’ if some of you have never seen it (if not CLICK HERE ASAP)!!!