Love or Lust?

Ah…the age-old question. Is it just a fleeting feeling? An innocent crush? A hot and heavy, heat of the moment lust? Or a true love, once in a lifetime, fated, fairytale ending in the making?

Oh, and I am talking about shopping of course.

Yes, my name is Kathryn and I am a shopaholic. What can I say – I am the sentimental type and just happen to attach deep emotional feelings to finds of the fashion kind. I am not ashamed – I just try to tell my parents how they should be glad it’s not drugs or alcohol! And very few things in life get my adrenaline pumping than a good buy. But there is one teeeensy, tinnnnny issue – funding. I am not quite a millionaire yet, so my tendency to fall in love with something before checking the price tag (a subconscious habit of denial?) is an unfortunate one.

And so we get back to the question – to love to to lust? This is the beginning of a little series for you guys to help me out – a group therapy of sorts. I am constantly pouring through fashion mags and surfing the web on the hunt for anything and everything that inspires me. And when I find something that I feel that I need deep down in my bones and heart of hearts, I will consult you guys! Of course there are some classic staples that every girl should invest in at some point during their lives, such as a LBD, a pair of Loubs, and a Burb blazer, but those 8″ crystal-encrusted glorified stripper heels for three grand…. that lust may just pass – and I pray that I won’t one day cry in the corner of my closet surrounded by thousands of dollars of passé, garish items – what a nightmare, I just got the chills!!!!!!

So, without further ado, here is my first ‘Love or Lust?’ – versions of this Alexander Wang bucket bag and duffel have been catching my eye for a good few months now, but these new color combos are making me seriously drool – especially the black bucket bag with the mermaid tail colored studs -loveeeeeee…..ACK see my problem here?!?!?!?! BTW the bags retail from $925-950.00 (almost forgot to add that bit – see what you have to deal with here!!!).

So do me a solid, kittens – should I LOVE OR LUST it???????????