10 Adorable Pet Fails That Remind Us Of Real Life Situations

Whenever the world and all its bullshit starts to overwhelm us, animals are always there to brighten up our spirits. From watching endless hours of cat videos to watching our own pets embarrass themselves, nothing is a better mood-lifter than animal fails as they remind us that they’re often just like us except with the… More »

Internet Cats Who Have Stolen Our Hearts

Here at Buzznet we love puppies and kittens and sometimes get stuck in a big freakin’ hole of cute and giggle worthy pics of our favorite furry creatures. We’ve gathered a TON of the best kitty photos ever from the Internet to make the day go by just a little bit faster with a smile… More »

Album Covers Reimagined With Kittens

Rock and roll meets cats? How more perfect could something be! These covers of your favorite albums modeled by kittens is kinda genius! Click into the gallery above and be prepare to die of this edgy kitten cuteness! Which kitten album cover is your favorite? 

Our Massive Collection Of Famous People With Cats

If you missed the memo…here at Buzznet WE LOVE CATS. Turns out, quite a few celebrities also love cats. We’ve seen a ton of pictures online of celebrities with kitties, but thought that we could fill a huge, gaping hole where one big gallery should be. It’s almost overwhelming how many cute and cuddly celebs with kit-cats… More »

Real Life Hello Kitty Cats That Are Too Purrfect

When you think about it, Hello Kitty is one of the most magical character brands to ever be created. The cartoon kitty has achieved world domination, appearing on every type of product from band-aids to toasters, clothing, make up, stickers, purses and beyond! Here at Buzznet, we’re forever obsessed with anything HK, so when we… More »

30 Cats That Are Totally Over The Holidays

We’re in the home stretch, people. Christmas and Hanukkah are in the rearview mirror. We’ve got New Year’s Eve and then it’s back to reality as we lay another holiday season to rest. You know who’s totally ready to say goodbye to all the decorations and dumb holiday sweaters and awkwardly staged photo shoots? Your… More »

HOT OR NOT: Drugs For Your Cat

I’m surprised! Ok, I can’t believe in it. Stark Raving Cat designed new gadget, called Catnip Joints. Yeah, drugs from cats made from catnip. You know that this plant is the…

Cats In Costumes!

Being the crazy cat lady that I am, I have been planning my kitties halloween costume for weeks already and its not even October! I dont know what is scarier, some of these outfits or trying to put them on a cat! Check out some of my top picks and let me know what you… More »

Rock n’ Roll Isn’t Dead: City and The Sea ‘Venture’ Out to Bring it All Back

Hamilton, Ontario’s City and The Sea are hellbent on bringing real rock n’ roll back from the brink. After spending countless hours on perfecting their…

Kitty Cats In Cool Hats!

The world is a better place when we get to look at a-dork-ably cute and funny photos of cats in hats. Dr. Seuss knew what he was doing when he came up with the idea to put lovable furballs in chill head wear! Check out the gallery and let us know what you’d love to… More »

This Is The MEOWL!!!

Ok, I found one of the best trends from Internet, it’s the meowl!!! Tell me what do you think about it?? P.S. I love it!!!

Happy Easter: The Sweetest Of All Possible

Dear friends, I know that the next few days may be unique for you. I thought a lot of the concept for this blog. But I chose the sweetest of all…

Pin-Up Cats!

Yeah, we read about yoga cats, sushi cats and cats in tights but now it’s the time for Pin-Up cats?? During this spring everything is possible!!! I don’t know like you…

OMG: Puppy Bowl X Is Coming

Earlier today, I met a friend at a restaurant for lunch. Naturally, all the TVs were set to football stuff and everyone around us was talking about NFC this, AFC that. My friend and I…

The Result Of Early Morning Facebook Browsing

Some really early morning Facebook browsing led me to THIS website, a blog featuring photos of bass players photoshopped to look like they’re holding (and tickling) big dogs. Naturally being a bass player I thought…

Cats in Sweaters!

Finally after a long awaited two months, my computer is back from the dead! And what better way to clelebrate its revival as well as this lovely season than some adorable photos of cats wearing sweaters?! Enjoy! Are you planning on dressing your pet this holiday season?

Feel the Meowsic: 8 Excellent Cat Inspired Band Tees

Cats have taken over the internet, and in their quest for world domination (which very well may be successful) they’ve infiltrated the merch of some of our favorite bands. Personally, I love music and I love cats so there’s no downside here. Check out my 8 favorite cat-inspired pieces. Did I miss any awesome cat… More »

Save A Life: Kern County Animal Shelter needs your help!

They are getting evicted and have over 700 dogs and cats that need to be rescued by September 30th or they will be put down! 🙁

Dogs are $15 and cats are $5. All are spayed/neutered…

Clawing For Cuteness: Cats In Commercials!

Summer holidays say goodbye to us but for the last weekend of August I have something unique for you. I know that we love cats and I found cool and  sometimes…

Incredible Animal Ads

Today I’ll begin new photo series. I love so much animals and in September I’ll begin veterinary in post secondary school, so I want to show you an awesome animal arts…

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