Bands To Buzz About Summer ’14 Round Up

Fall is approaching, slowly but surely. There’s a ton of new music coming your way, so stay tuned and keep on rockin’!

Here’s what you might have missed this summer!



Band To Buzz About Summer ’14: Kitten

LA’s indie/pop band Kitten have garnered a cult following within the past five years. Fronted by 19 year-old powerhouse Chloe Chaidez, the band has opened…

22 Babies And Pets Being Adorable

I came across this incredible article that warmed my heart this morning. This article on showcases 22 photos from reddit of babies and pets being as cute as can be! Take a look through the gallery and let me know which is your personal favorite!


I just Love Lilly the raccoon and Itty the kitten playing they are so cute 😀

Fall In Love With: 10 Baby Animals That Are Sleepier Than You

Today is rainy and gross and hot outside. Tomorrow is Friday. That means today ISN’T Friday. Things are looking dismal. I’m tired, I’m hungry and I don’t want to be working. You feel? I’m sure…

10 Adorable Cat Gifs To Cure A Case Of The Mondays

Mondays absolutely suck. I’m sure I’m not the only one who didn’t want to wake up today. For everyone who is bummed about going back to school, back to work or generally just…

33 Fashion Pieces You’ll Want To Get Your Kitty PAWS On

It’s no secret that everyone i know is pretty much obsessed with cats. I have been noticing, while catering to my online shopping addiction, that there are so many cat clothes out there! I wanted to pull them all together and put them in a little gallery for you all. From dresses and tops to… More »

Animal Best Friends

If these aren’t some of the cutest pictures you’ve ever seen, then I don’t know what is! I will admit that i’m animal obsessed so I was overly excited to randomly type ‘animal best friends’ into Google and find these ridiculously adorable photos, but no matter who you are I think you’ll agree that these… More »

Barbie – A Natural Beauty?

Barbara Millicent Roberts, a.k.a. Barbie, is the quintessential icon of glamour and femininity. With her beachy blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and waify waist, Barbie has represented a standard of beauty that has both been reveled and reproved. Personally, I cannot attribute any of my own insecurities to the dainty dolly. I believe that there… More »

Emerging Talent: Nadine Shah

Like a siren crooning across the Atlantic, British-born songstress Nadine Shah has been garnering followers far and wide. In a culture saturated with techno…

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Hey buzz kittens! I am like totally, for sure, a die hard 90s gal – it’s my fave decade through and through. I live for the music, the movies, the television, the fashion – it was all dope, man. It just seemed like such a simpler time, and everything seemed to make sense. After school… More »

Kitten Performs At SXSW Sonos Studio

Sonos hosted multiple days of entertainment during SXSW. The studio included a spot where you could make a DIY speaker and rooms demonstrating the latest Sonos products. Even celebs like Deadmau5 and Kat Von D got involved…


Hi Kittens!

This is my introduction to Buzznet!!! I…


I thought a funny cat video was a good thing for Saturday Fun 😀 PS …..Don’t worry it can get out of there 😀

AUDREYGRAM Instagram Diary

This week’s Instagram is getting ready to open Crystal Cactus and the rest should be called food and Waffle diaries… she is the real star here, let’s be honest. LAST WEEKS AUDREYGRAM

Paramore Announce Spring Tour

Paramore have finally revealed their spring touring plans today! The tour is a little short, only 12 dates –…

5 Easy Ways To Freshen Up Your Music Library For 2013

It’s a brand new year and time for a fresh start. Music included. 

I will be the first to admit I tend to get stuck in a music hole when it comes to what I listen…

Cats Model In New Juicy Couture Ads

The geniuses behind fabulous everyday-wear brand Juicy Couture recently released an equally-genius new jewelry campaign featuring some fashionable felines modeling their latest jewelry pieces among other accessories. As an avid cat lover, I had to share these furry, fabulous kitties with you! PS: Cats sure are having a fashion moment, don’t you think? Don’t miss… More »

Good morning!

Chunk &I just wanted to tell you all good morning on our way to work today. Chunk is my friend Linc’s new bulldog pup. I completely obsessed.

The Cats Out Of The Bag: These Kitties Are Way Too Adorable!

If you are a fan of animals, cute animals, then this is the gallery for you. Even if you are not a “cat person“, I feel like you have to at least find some of these pretty hilarious! I found a bunch of pictures of kitties doing funny and adorable things that I had to… More »

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