Half-Drag Project!

Wonderful, incredible and unique are the best words to describe “Half-Drag” project by Leland BobbéHe shared with us “the hidden side of burlesque transvestites

Emerging Talent: Nadine Shah

Like a siren crooning across the Atlantic, British-born songstress Nadine Shah has been garnering followers far and wide. In a culture saturated with techno…

Demi Lovato Should Go Fresh Faced Like This More Often

Between her tattoos, her BFF-dom with Hannabeth and super cool style, Demi Lovato is pretty much the living breathing muse of Buzznet. We’re used to seeing her with red lips, ever changing…

Through a rain splatter bus window

The Bloomfield Skate Shop has been replaced by an insurance agency.  If you look down that street, it seems like youthful rebellion is dying and the tattoo parlor is the next target.  Is this some…

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