Our Massive Collection Of Famous People With Cats

If you missed the memo…here at Buzznet WE LOVE CATS. Turns out, quite a few celebrities also love cats. We’ve seen a ton of pictures online of celebrities with kitties, but thought that we could fill a huge, gaping hole where one big gallery should be. It’s almost overwhelming how many cute and cuddly celebs with kit-cats… More »

Real Life Hello Kitty Cats That Are Too Purrfect

When you think about it, Hello Kitty is one of the most magical character brands to ever be created. The cartoon kitty has achieved world domination, appearing on every type of product from band-aids to toasters, clothing, make up, stickers, purses and beyond! Here at Buzznet, we’re forever obsessed with anything HK, so when we… More »

HOT OR NOT: Drugs For Your Cat

I’m surprised! Ok, I can’t believe in it. Stark Raving Cat designed new gadget, called Catnip Joints. Yeah, drugs from cats made from catnip. You know that this plant is the…


This is the first time I’ve seen stickers with the names of the pets on them. I thought the names Max and Reggie were very cute. I will be posting another of my On The Road blogs before the end of the week. Lot’s more crazy things to show you 😀 View in full size… More »

MEOW! 40 Kitty Cat Nail Designs

Happy Cat Day! I have to admit I am not a huge cat lover but I can get down with a cute fur ball every now and then. These nails I have found around the web are super cute and creative. Take a look at the gallery below and comment on your fave! Would you… More »


So this isn’t exactly scarey or very Halloweeny but I decided to post this little video. I was going through so many different Halloween videos and could not decide which one I wanted and somehow I ended up on Simon’s Cat. Well it is another week before Halloween maybe I’ll get that perfect video. OH… More »

WATCH: Taylor Swift’s Diet Coke Commercial Is Purrfect

Best commercial ever? Diet Coke’s latest commercial featuring Taylor Swift is purrrrrfect. It’s no secret that Swift is a cat lady but this just took it to a whole new level. The more Diet Coke…

So happy that Fall is finally here so I can wear my

Cat Suit Hoodie, DropDead Clothing, $103.80. (via Instagram)

Taylor Swift Personally Invited Fans To Her House For A Party!

And just when we thought the angel that is known as Taylor couldnt get anymore angelic!! Americas sweetheart Taylor Swift held a listening party this weekend for her new album 1989 and instead of the…

OMG! Hello Kitty Is NOT Actually a Cat?!

OMG. It has been revealed that Hello Kitty is not actually a cat. She’s actually a little girl! Take a look in the gallery below filled with everything we know about this….including the fact that she is BRITISH! Comment on your most surprising fact about Hello Kitty.

Taylor Swift Launches Cat Sneakers!

As if her name isn’t already in every huge publication today with the album launch, new song, and latest video (which is amazing by the way), T. Swift just launched…

MEOW!!! Cat Shirts

We love cats. These cutie pets break our hearts. Image of the cats is an amazing element in fashion. And talented Hiroko Kubota from Japan designed this great shirts with cats…

This Is The MEOWL!!!

Ok, I found one of the best trends from Internet, it’s the meowl!!! Tell me what do you think about it?? P.S. I love it!!!

Animals Love Music More Than You Do


We all love music. Adults, teens, grandparents, and even babies… we all have our favorite genres and bands. But I bet most of you don’t ever think about your pets being…

Happy Easter: The Sweetest Of All Possible

Dear friends, I know that the next few days may be unique for you. I thought a lot of the concept for this blog. But I chose the sweetest of all…

Pin-Up Cats!

Yeah, we read about yoga cats, sushi cats and cats in tights but now it’s the time for Pin-Up cats?? During this spring everything is possible!!! I don’t know like you…

22 Babies And Pets Being Adorable

I came across this incredible article that warmed my heart this morning. This article on showcases 22 photos from reddit of babies and pets being as cute as can be! Take a look through the gallery and let me know which is your personal favorite!

IN HONOR OF THE ” SNOW ” check out these CATS AND DOGS :D

I thought with all the SNOW a lot of America is experiencing it would be time for a CAT & DOG video of them Playing in it 😀


So I thought I would post a cat video for CATERDAY. I thought this was kind of cute how Mia the Bengal cat and Bayou both want the box and maybe both get it in the end 😀

These Cats Are Having None Of Your B.S Today

Most of us here on the internet LOVE cats, and for good reason. They like to be pet, they’re usually socially awkward, and then they do stuff like this:

~ Santa…

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