Miley Cyrus and The Oscars: Style Study

The Oscars are this Sunday!!! I haven’t even seen half of the nominated movies, I have just been so busy. And when I finally scrounged up some time this past weekend and made it to the Arclight I chose to see distinctly non-nominated movies: Warm Bodies (zombies are the new vampires, me thinks) and the new Die Hard (marry me Jai Courtney…seriously).

But I digress. Although I detest the traffic jams caused by Hollywood Blvd being closed down for a week, I look forward every year to the red carpet fabulousness and faux pas. And someone I am uber interested to watch these days is the magnificent Miley Cyrus. As do most ex-Disney divas, she has gone through a complete, and at times controversial, metamorphosis since leaving the house of mouse. This past year has been especially drastic – goodbye long, luscious locks and hello feisty, bleached pixie undercut! Since her style trajectory can be directly mapped by her red carpet choices, I feel that this year’s gown (if she even wears one!) will definitely shake things up a bit.

Here’s a refresher of the Miley and Oscars Timeline:

2008: Valentino

2009: Zuhair Murhad

2010: Jenny Packam

2012: Roberto Cavalli

What are your predictions for Miley at The Oscars 2013???