Emerald Envy

Green has risen in the ranks, my friends! No longer is the verdant hue reserved for creepy leprechauns or my neon LTD2 track pants from 1997 (please tell me you know what LTD2 is, or I will feel reallly old!). The Pantone ‘Color of the Year’ has been chosen, and Emerald is it. I have long loved the color (and mostly the gems themselves in a nice piece of jewelry), and was pleasantly pleased upon hearing its was bestowed this honor. Emerald’s reign of prominence has already begun, evidence of which has his the fashion world by storm.

But I find emerald inspiration beyond the runways and fashion magazines – emerald is everywhere.

It is in the blades of dewy mountain grass, the iridescence of inky crow feathers, and even the deepest reaches of space. To me, emerald embodies health, vitality, and sophistication. Oh, and money – yay. REALLY though, don’t you just picture beautiful young socialites draped in silk and dripping with diamonds toasting mint juleps while dancing under the stars and willow trees on a southern estate? Ok, that’s a little extreme, but I just find emerald so powerful and evoking.

I compiled a bundle of green goodness for you to get inspired by – which manifestations of emerald make you green with envy???