The Ultimate Tokio Hotel Fan // The Golden Year [4/5]

And finally I arrived to talk about one of the most excited year of my whole life: 2010.

Definitely that year has been full of surprises and awesome experiences that I will never forget.

I left you saying I got Tokio Hotel tickets for two dates: Padova and Rome.

Seriously I was counting the days… I was freaking happy since not only I would have to see them again but I went to see them with my best friend at that time, Antonella. She came in Trieste from Naples for to see them in Padova and I was sooooooooooooo happy! She came a few day before the date concert with her parents and her bro so we could stay a bit together.

I have to say, Padova date a bit scared me since it was on March 26, 2010. And it was the same day I should have to see them on 2008 in Bologna if Bill wasn’t operated. I lived in an anxiety state for a while because I won’t the story could repeat it, luckily it didn’t but I have to say the concert wasn’t among the best I’ve been…

My story starts on March 26, 2010 morning.

I went out from home at 7am in the morning (with my parents, Antonella, her parents and bro) and at 9am I was in Padova. I asked to my daddy to be there as soon as possible and he always realizes my wishes and in 2 hours we were here.

There already was a modest crowd. Antonella and I, obviously, wanted to be in front row and obviously we won’t to go in the back of the line and loose the occasion of the front row, so we gatecrash almost in the beginning of the crowd, just before security closed the line with barriers. We have been blessed. Some stupid girls told to the security we just came in and he replied: I didn’t see nothing. Were you just came in? asked to us and we answered: noooo! We are with them (talking about a few girls just in front of us and they said: yes, they are with us!) HAHAHAHAHA I’ve always been so bastard at Tokio Hotel’s concert… well, maybe not bastard but smart!

I have to say that before come in the crowd other stupid girl said me that I was dressed like a wore and the ring road was in another place… but who cares…

The story of the next 10 hours can be summed in this way: I waited up pressed in a screaming crowd. Organization was really really bad and people were completely mad and not only stupid little girls but also their parents and I was really angry and continued to repeat: my parents aren’t doing the same of you! They will enter after with calm and they go to sit down in tribune. DAMN! You are worst than your daughters! A father almost strangled Antonella and I’m not kidding. I was like: WTF? And you have a daughter and you are bringing her at a concert and you have this behavior?! Then he apologized but I seriously still have no comment for that act!

I’ve almost pressed on a crush barrier while security started to make pass crowd in another sector of crush barriers before enter in the arena, the chaos reigned… no police security, and if they were, they didn’t move a finger or did it almost nothing for stopping those crazy and screaming baby girls… the weather wasn’t so good, it was so cloudy and for a moment rained a little bit…

Finally at 7pm I entered inside the arena and arrived under the stage, to the left, from Tom’s side, in a particular section, where crowd couldn’t stay, but ambulance’s assistants said to Antonella and me that we could stay there as well, we were in a favored area and we were happy.

Anxiety was growing every minute more, I was so excited to be there and see again my boy and my angels again, after the last time, in Rome in September 2009 during Coca Cola Live @ MTV…

Lights turned off and a recognizable sound started to play… NOISE was coming and with it guitar and drums beats: Tom, Georg came on stage and the crowd started to scream more than they could, and then the metallic egg opened and here there are Gustav and Bill, who started to sing…

I couldn’t believe to be there again and live again those amazing and indescribable emotions, tears started to fall and I couldn’t stop them…

The venue was so bad: the metallic egg was only half because it was a little venue (around 4000 people) and not so high for contains the whole structure stage and there wasn’t pyro effects, always for the same reason… Bill before PAIN OF LOVE said: we should raise up our middle finger for the organization who didn’t approve to do pyro effects but the show must go on… I was like: OMG Bill hahahaha you are sooo right! This venue sucks and you should go in my city, Trieste. There you can do anything you want: pyro effects and more! Seriously I will never come back in Padova for a concert!

Everytime I go at a Tokio Hotel’s concert, I do a lot of sacrifices and I spend a lot of time up without sit me down and I don’t go at the toilet even for 17 hours, I don’t eat and I stay focused to my aim: to be in front row and can glad the concert and don’t stop to look my boy and receive a couple of looks back, it’s so stressing to listen my stories about what I can able to do for them: don’t eat, don’t sleep ect… but for me it’s so normal… and even though everytime when is less than 30 minutes before the show I say to myself: “oh Lordy, the wait is killing me! I must resist, I must resist!” and of course weariness starts to make feel it, in the end, after 2 hours of concert or other events where Tokio Hotel are involved, I say to myself: “It was really worth it! I can’t wait to repeat it!”

As usual in the end I run to my daddy and I started to cry all my tears and then I got some merchandising stuff and outside the venue I met my friend Laura who came at the concert too and she enjoyed it a lot!

I was so sad because the concert was finished but at the same time so happy because in two weeks I would have to see them again in Rome. It was unbelievable!!!

So, Rome’s day (April 11, 2010) has been a little bit different to Padova one, I was with my friend Antonella, her parents and her bro, and her cousin Anna with her parents and bro… they live near Naples so the distance is a little bit more respect Trieste-Padova, 2 hours and half (well, my dad promised me to be in Padova in 2 hours and so it’s been xD)… by the way… the weather wasn’t so good and I thought it could be rain, but in the end the sun was really up in the sky and it was so hot. We arrived around 11:30pm, and I was really scared about all the crowd could to be there and also the bad organization, because I reminded about TH’s in Rome, 2 years before at Cappanelle Ippodromo and the crowd was damn huge and crazy that organization hasn’t been able to control them, they controlled only a couple of tickets and crowd entered in hippodrome just like horses, a really disaster, and also TH wanted to cancel the concert because the day before some fans did a totally caos during reharsals… so I was really scared that the thing could happen again, but it wasn’t, luckily… tickets were divided in sectors so who had parterre tickets had their entrance and who had tribune had own and the organization was so good and they made sit down the impatience crowd and so I can say I didn’t wait 17 hours up as a horse XD A lot of girls said me I was just like Bill because I had his same red Scottish pattern trousers and also because I said to them I have a lot of his same stuff and they were so jealous xD

Time passed more quickly than Padova, because I found a couple of girls and I talked to them for to kill the time and finally at 7pm, if I remember right, they opened the arena and I entered. The arena was completely different than Padova ones, it was more high so finally I could to see flames on stage, the parterre wasn’t so big but the structure is really high, there were three tribune sectors, and my front row was damn better and I was extremely happy to be there and I couldn’t wait a minute more for to see them again after only 2 weeks, it was a dream! And finally the show started and the metallic egg was whole and all seemed to be amazing just to the first seconds and of course my tears started to fall down my face for the happiness to be there after only 16 days.

Bill looked at me a lot of times, I remember the first one, during Pain on love, he looked at me straight in my eyes, oh damn I was dying but he gazed from me almost immediately, but then he returned to look me and this time it’s been for more time *o* then during In your shadow (I can shine), he sung me just these words looking me in the eyes and also during Love & Death, dedicating me the words “i can give you, you can give me, something, everything” *w* and a lot of other times during the concert. I won’t to be boring XD

Tom has been damn funny, he throw me his water and it’s been a pleasure because I was dying to hot xD and he did this a couple of time (Georg too) and one time he was so bitchy, he started to drink then he looked us and we were waiting for his water but he started to drink again hahaha xD my brother in law, he made me smile also in this occasion hahah love him!

When Gustav came on stage and did the wave, I knew that only a couple of minutes separated me to the end of another fantastic adventures with my four angels, and during Forever Now my tears were more than my screaming sing and in the end I fall down and I started to cry as a mad, I know maybe some people thought that I was totally crazy but they don’t know what they mean for me, they don’t know how much important they are for me, they don’t know Tokio Hotel saved my life a couple of times and without them I couldn’t to be here now and share all the moments with all of you and with all the people I know, so really, I didn’t give a damn what they were thinking about me in that moment, I called my mom and I was in tears and my mom listening me too and she was so happy for me, she was so happy Bill looked at me a lot of times and all the things happened in those 2 hours.

This is another experience I will take forever in my heart and everytime I talk about it my heart beats everytime faster than before.

I’m really proud to love and follow this band, I’ll never change my idea about them: they are my oxygen!

And now it’s arrived the last but definitely not least event of 2010 that signed my heart forever.

This is my second important date of July impressed in my heart forever, about Tokio Hotel.

This is the day where finally I met my angel and my brother in law, and I will never forget it!

My story stars, as usual, a couple of days before, when I discovered the twins came back in Italy, in Catania (Sicily) and I really wanted to go there, because I really missed the band, and especially my sweetheart, even though I saw them twice in two weeks… but you know, when you love someone, doesn’t count how many times you already saw him/her!

My friend Antonella asked me if I wanted to go in Catania with her because I had to stay with her a couple of days in that period… I said: “YES, OF COURSE!” and I went to Naples, where she leaves and then we took the boat with her parents and her bro and went in Catania.

We left Naples the night among July 14th and July 15th, and the morning of the 15 we arrived in Catania… I was damn sleepy because I hadn’t sleep the night, it wasn’t comfortable where I slept, but the fact I have to see Bill and Tom made me to go on… The day before Antonella and I knew that in exclusive, only for Catania, the live dvd + the cd live about Humanoid Tour, were released that day, on July 15th (in the rest of Italy they were released on July 20th), an only 500 fans could have the possibility to buy it to go at the place where TRL stage was and have the chance with the dvd or the cd to have a pass (a bracelet) and stay in front row, in the vip area and then meet the twins and have their autographs during the signing session, but this was only for 300 of them… In the end I knew that they autographed also for other fans… because after all the one who had the pass also other people received their autographs…

At the evening of July 15th, Antonella and I stayed in front of the store called LA FELTRINELLI – RICORDI MEDIASTORE… i was the number 110 (I’ve never believed at this numbers fact, it only a stupid reason for to show which kind of number you were and if you really are an expert like me about concerts and events, you arrived in front row also without numbers… ) In that occasion I had the pleasure to meet my friend Vanessa, she came there for to meet me, and we spent an hour together talking about a lot of stuff and I explained to her what I was doing there xD

Antonella and I stayed in front of the store until 2:30 am, then come back at the hotel, we slept 2 hours (I didn’t) and then come back in front of the store at 7:30am … we bought the dvd and the cd and then, Antonella’s dad took us with the car in the TRL’s location for take the pass/bracalet… at 11am we were under the stage of TRL, waiting for the show… at 7pm TRL started oh my God!!!!!!!

It was damn hot, oh Lordy!!! Never been in a place so hot like that but I was focused about the twins and what I was waiting for… and as usual, the hours and the minutes have gone sooooooooo slowly! Typical!

When they arrived on stage I started to cry, to jump, to scream their name and especially Bill’s ones! it’s not a new xD then also I screamed a lot of bad words against Natalie Franz, makeup artist .-. of the band and she ran down on the stage because she was scared and Bill started to laugh hahahah best moment! XD

At 8pm the show finished and we waited for the signing… When I went in the backstage, oh Lordy i saw the Holy Light of the Heaven XD hahaha seriously, there was a spotlight and the first thing I’ve seen has been just that! XDDD then at the first, I saw Tom… or better his red shirt, and then his face… When i arrived at the desk where they were… Tom said to me: Hello!!! eheheheh thank u!!! XD – just in this way XD – and he made me the autograph… I really don’t remember if I said him: “Hi” or I said it only in my mind, really xD

Sometimes I should to relive that moment only because to know if I said it for real or was only my imaginations hahahah someone should had to film myself in that moment!

What I remember was a big smile on my face, I really wanted someone recorded me while I was inside of the signing session, because I can’t describe my face xDDD Then I throw myself on the desk XD because I focused that Tom wasn’t the only one in the signing hahahah poor Tom XDDD and there’s been a really little moment where I didn’t understand where I was, still now I can’t focus that I met them, but doesn’t matter xD

So I threw myself on the desk for to give the necklace with my first letter of my name, you know I have one with the “B” (his first letter) and the letter I’ve written for Bill. There was two girls near to me who’s waiting for Bill’s autograph, and I remember that when I threw myself on the desk, and I exclaimed: “BIIIILLL”, they turned toward me and they looked at me, and I looked them, Bill stopped to firm on their dvds and he turned to me and he made a face like this: *o* and then he said: Thank u!!! and he smiled me… in a really sweet way, I really never saw him makes this smile to the others and he touched me softly my right hand and he looked that I had the same polish nail of him, YSL Stormy Grey (he hadn’t this one on his nails, but he had it for example during the Arthur premiere) [sorry maybe it’s too much detailed hahah I can seem an obsessed but it’s just love]

It was the typical scene from a romantic comedy, seriously!

Then Bill had to firm the booklet of the dvd of mine, after have finished to do the one the booklets of the other two girls, I think they still hate me hahaha he wasn’t interested to them, but only to me in that moment and then snatched away from Tom’s hands my booklet XD really funny moment!

I can say my booklet is the only one to have a dog ear hahaha but it’s been made by Bill so it’s unique!

So… I continued to have the same idiot expression on my face, oh God xD it was embarassing!! Bill made his autograph and then gave me the booklet and he looked at me, and I looked him… so deep… The only thing there wasn’t in that moment was a romantic ballad in the background xD He saw my soul!!!! Literally! and he had a smile on his face, I can’t describe it, because he looked at me in a way that noone has been looked in this way like me!!! *w* we stayed to look each other for one long minute, maybe more than a minute, really in those moments the clock could goes on really fast and I wasn’t able to notice it! and then a TRL’s bodyguard said to me: “Hey, you gotta go” and I said: “ah, really?” and so I went toward the exit looking Bill and he looking me too until it could be possible for him! OH MEIN GOTT!!!!!

When I was out I start to cry, to jump and I threw myself to the ground in a sense of freedom!

I was so happy, oh God!!! It was unbelievable!!!!

Can’t wait to repeat this experience! Even though I was dirt, sweat, weak… Bill saw me in another way, he saw me for who I am, and I will always keep this in my heart!

I have to say also that that day my cellphone and my digital camera broke up xD hahaha Bill does a bad effects on the technology hahahaha

I travelled for 1,500 km only for see them!!!! From Trieste (northen Italy) to Catania (southern Italy). But it’s worth it!

This last experience has been such amazing and in 15 days it will be my second anniversary, I can’t believe 2 years ago I met him and I had the confirmed a lot of stuff about us… I can’t believe soon there are two years I don’t see him and it’s so hard for me to go on and can’t see him with my eyes, in front of me, and obviously the whole band too… I really really miss them and especially my angel Bill.

But I’m sure I will have another moments soon…


1.Well, the first place goes to the signing session and my meeting with Bill (and my brother in law Tom too)… I know it can be obvious, but damn! It was a dream come true and I can’t leave it apart! I met my soul mate and it’s definitely been the best moment of my life. I really felt me free and happy like I’ve never been before.

2.The second place goes to Tom, when he threw me his water and when he’s been so bitchy to don’t throw it the second time but he continued to drink and then he made a super cute face and threw the water hahaha I love you my brother in law.

3.Third place: when Bill looked at me during Rome’s concert. His look is so deep and he really made my day. I always desired that he looked at me during concerts, so I could say he knew I was there! And it happened!

4.Bill snatched away from Tom’s hands my booklet dvd and it still has a dog ear. I can say to have assisted to one of the funniest and cutest twins moments and the reason was my person autographs hahahah

5.I left him as last place but definitely it should deserves the first one: when I started to scream bad stuff to Natalie during a break at TRL in Catania. She was putting too much attention on Bill and she touched up his makeup because he was sweating and she stayed more time on Bill than on Tom… I was so angry! I started to scream her all the synonyms of bitch in English and German hahahah everybody looked at me and I really didn’t care about them… Natalie run off the stage and Bill started to laugh. Such a satisfy! Hahaha


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