Band To Buzz About Winter ’14: Snowmine

I was first introduced to the goodness that is Snowmine this past October by fellow BUZZNET blogger Brianna (@gummibearsss1)…

The Ultimate Tokio Hotel Fan // The Golden Year [4/5]

And finally I arrived to talk about one of the most excited year of my whole life: 2010.

Definitely that year has been full of surprises and awesome…

The Ultimate Tokio Hotel Fan // Für Immer Jetzt [3/5]


Definitely 2008 was a year I will never forget since I had the pleasure to see Tokio Hotel live for the first time ever, but also…

Coldplay Yesterday Night Enchanted The Crowd In Rome (Italy) With A Suggestive Performance

Yesterday night Coldplay had a fantastic performance in Rome in Ancient Rome Studios of Cinecitta’ (famous cinematographic studios) during an Italian show hosted by a great artist, Fiorello. They sung their last hit: “Paradise” in a great Italian atmosphere. The band after the performance arrived in studio for a little interview and I have to… More »

Photo Diary – Holidays, Relax, History, Nature and Fun

Finally I have a little bit of free time to upload this photo gallery about my cruise. On Monday I come back home and I already miss it! But, I always have 450 photos to can see everytime I want and remind all the places I visited and can’t wait to come back on cruise… More »

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