Stars Dance…Awkwardly at the 2014 Grammy Awards

If you tuned into last night’s Grammy awards, I’m pretty sure you were entertained. It was music’s biggest night and whether they knew it or not, our favorites showed us that they’re just…

21 Of The Most Memorable MTV VMA Moments

I have been watching the MTV VMAs for about 10 years, and each year between the performances and the fashion, something unexpected always happens. Take a look back at this gallery and see if you can remember these moments and discover a few new ones. Tune in this Sunday to see what happens at this… More »

Most Adorable ‘Boy Meets World’ Moments

Fans all over the world rejoiced when they heard the news: the beloved 1990s TV show Boy Meets World is officially going to be revisited in the form of a sequel, entitled Girl Meets World! The show, which starred Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel, will chronicle the teenage daughter of a grown-up Cory and Topanga… More »

Happy 23rd Birthday Bill & Tom Kaulitz

September 1st, 1989. Exactly 23 years ago, in a little city in Loitsche, Germany, were born two little boys, two twins: Bill & Tom…

The Ultimate Tokio Hotel Fan // The Golden Year [4/5]

And finally I arrived to talk about one of the most excited year of my whole life: 2010.

Definitely that year has been full of surprises and awesome…

The Funniest Tokio Hotel GIFs [Part One]

Ok, I thought about this for a while, and I think it’s a nice idea to share with all of you the funniest Tokio Hotel gifs.

I brought back all my 10 dvds full of TH’s…

To Say That I Love Kat Isn’t Enough!

So, this morning my postwoman knocked on my door and she said me there was a huge envelope for me, I was like: oh Goodness! Kat’s gifs! *_* And this is it!

I’m soooo soooo happy…

Femme Fatale Era Video

Check out this awesome video that highlights some of the best moments during the Femme Fatale era. Such a great time to be a Britney fan! “Sexy and strong, dangerous yet mysterious, cool yet confident, the Femme Fatale arrived on January of 2011 to slay; like it or not, love it, hate it, feel it,… More »

Britney Spears: December 5th Throughout The Years

I already posted a gallery like this last month, now it’s the time to December 5th throughout the years. What happened or where Britney were in this day in the past years? Check out this gallery and tell which of these dates reminds you something!

Tokio Hotel: Some Things Never Change pt.3

In those years I notice a sweet fact about Tokio Hotel, in particular about Bill and Tom poses and faces: in those years some habits continue to stay inside them and it’s so cute, check…

Question of the Day: What moments will you never forget?

There are times in life that we will never forget. More importanly, that you will never forget. You should tell us about them. More importantly, you should tell me about them. I am nosey and…

Happy Birthday RuPaul: The TOP 10 Ruisms, Moments and Songs

Today is the birthday of the king/queen of all things drag! I think it is only appropriate that we all take a much deserved bow for RuPaul who…

The 13th Anniversary Of The Ultimate Britney’s Fan – 13 Moments I Will Never Forget [LAST BLOG]

So here I am for the last blog dedicated to the greatest pop artist of the last 10 years.

I’m so proud about all your comments, all your…

The Sweetest Brothers/Sisters Of The Show Business – Britney & Jamie Lynn Spears

I decided to do this blog because I love so much three couples of brothers/sisters in the show business after all the others.

In the next week I’ll post the remaining two…

Dear angel… – Soulmates never die #1

November 26th, 2010

Dear my little angel,

I miss you! Well, everytime I write you, I tell these words, I know, I’m boring, but this is the…

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