Welcome To The Generation Of Cool

When we were little kids, all we ever wanted to do was be cool. We wanted to hang with the “cool kids”, do really awesome things that in return would make us cool. That’s all…

Sometimes Your Story With People Just Ends… Even Without A The End

Have you ever had one of those dreams where it was just brutally honest. When I say honest, I mean, it was so intense that…

Daniel Gibson opens up about divorce from Keyshia Cole

Words and Images by DeWayne Rogers

Styled by Kris Cole

Grooming by Ella Mokamba

Daniel Gibson is at a crossroad. He knows it. And so does the rest of the world. So pivotal are his next…

15 Years As Britney Spears Fan

This important aim is arrived and I can’t believe it.

Exactly 15 years ago, The Legendary Miss Britney Spears came into my life.

I’ve thought a lot…

Put Your Records On: Michelle Branch’s ‘The Spirit Room’ Celebrates 12 Years

Welcome to Put Your Records On, where music enthusiasts dive in to the stories behind the records that have shaped us into the people we are today. Join the group here and tell…

5 Reasons To Read The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

Hey so since it’s All Star Month here on Buzznet, I’m going to share a new book I’m currently in love…

Bloggers Against Cyberbullying!

Please, check out this great group on Buzznet: Join the BAC group today if you are against cyberbullying of any kind. Also, please feel free at any time to submit a story to the group about yourself, a friend, or anyone that has dealt with cyberbullying in any way. What do you think about it?… More »

Emerald Envy

Green has risen in the ranks, my friends! No longer is the verdant hue reserved for creepy leprechauns or my neon LTD2 track pants from 1997 (please tell me you know what LTD2 is, or I will feel reallly old!). The Pantone ‘Color of the Year’ has been chosen, and Emerald is it. I have… More »

Maroon 5 Wants To Feature You In Their Next Video!

Maroon 5 wants to hear your story! The band is calling out to their U.S. fans to help them create a music video for “Daylight,” the next single off their album, Overexposed. Lead singer Adam Levine, believes your voice is important and to be featured in the new video, all you have to do is… More »



Drops of rain woke me. I stared at the cold shafts. Time passed slowly. Everything stood in place. Past and present interected together.  They confessed me secrets…

The Magic Of Internet

Preamble: I always thought that my blog here on Buzznet was read by such a lot of people and only the one who are signed here, but also worldwide before to rend it private.

I always…



I. Odi et Amo

Music goes silent
Silence treats my pain
Soul is empty
I can’t find return road



Some time ago I mentioned that I want to be a writer and right now I want to sharing  with you my story(Internet book). Two time in week I’ll post new…

The Ultimate Tokio Hotel Fan // The Golden Year [4/5]

And finally I arrived to talk about one of the most excited year of my whole life: 2010.

Definitely that year has been full of surprises and awesome…

EXCLUSIVE: Britney Spears New Demo “Secret”

On August 2010, rumors said that Britney’s new album had to be released in November of that year with a previous single released a few of weeks later. The single was called “Secret” and it has been produced by The Neptunes (Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo – same producers of “I’m a Slave 4 U”… More »

My First Pet (Story Teller’s Assignment #4)

Yesterday I took part in a survey trying to find a correlation between the ownership of pets and levels of happiness – I answered something along the lines of “No, I don’t have a pet…


Smarty the Dinosaur came to babysit the Kids, JD, Jess, Ben and Baby Boo before the wedding. He has to take care of them since the kids can’t be at the wedding. He decided to read them about Sam the Snail 😀 The Trail of Sam the Snail 😀 Sam the Snail makes beautiful trails…. More »

Cool Meet And Great Photos / Britney’s Fan Story

It’s amazing how Britney touches so many people she’s never met. Here’s a cool story of a big fan meeting Britney backstage…

Charmed Again [FF] – 1X01 “Charmed Ones Again” CHAPTER TWO

I know it’s passed a lot of time after the first chapter, I would to apologize with everyone, but as you know, uni rends me really busy and I have a lot of free time…

“I’m not of this world” – CHAPTER ONE

I’m not of this world – prologue

This is the first chapter of “I’m not of this world” novel. As I said, it inspired from Spring Nicht/Don’t Jump video of Tokio Hotel and…

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