Moonchild Dream Comes True: Jair Beltran (Colombia)

I;m so proud of the my MoonSister!!! She’s so great person 🙂 Making one Moonchild dream come true! On the ID Tour I told Kerli about Jair Beltran. A fan of hers in Colombia. Jair didn’t own anuthing with Kerli but his luck was about to change! I got an autographed phot from Kerli for… More »

Day 197 – Remember The Day: Bill&Tom Kaulitz In Catania

Today it’s such an important day for me and also really sad. Exactly two years ago I was in Catania, after such a long trip of 1,500km… I crossed the whole Italy just for to see my lovely angel and my brother in law. You already know that I would be anything for them and… More »

The Ultimate Tokio Hotel Fan // The Golden Year [4/5]

And finally I arrived to talk about one of the most excited year of my whole life: 2010.

Definitely that year has been full of surprises and awesome…

Remember The Day: Bill & Tom Kaulitz @ TRL ON THE ROAD (Catania, IT) [July 16, 2010]

This is my second important date of July impressed in my heart forever, about Tokio Hotel.

This is the day where finally I met my angel and my brother in law, and I will never forget…

Tokio Hotel in Moscow for MUZ TV AWARDS (June 3rd, 2011) [RED CARPET & SHOW + PRESS CONFERENCE]

Finally they came on the red carpet

And this is the video made by me, sorry it’s in a really bad quality, btw Bill said that they are so happy…

Tokio Hotel in Moscow for MUZ TV AWARDS (June 3rd, 2011) + UPDATE


Tokio Hotel this morning had meet&greet with fans and firmed autographs outside the Ritz hotel.

Bill has a new piercing (the same of Tom on…

Fed-Ex Bounced Check on eBay

Filed under: Wacky and Weird, Celebrity Before K-Fed was knocking up Britney, he was knocking up Shar Jackson. Mr. Federline was so busy getting busy, he seemed to be having trouble making rent. A… from

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