Day 197 – Remember The Day: Bill&Tom Kaulitz In Catania

Today it’s such an important day for me and also really sad. Exactly two years ago I was in Catania, after such a long trip of 1,500km… I crossed the whole Italy just for to see my lovely angel and my brother in law. You already know that I would be anything for them and… More »

Question of the Day: Things You’ve Never Done Before?

There are things in life that everyone else seems to do but me. A lot of my amigos have been to Europe recently and I have no idea how that happened. They’ve been on fun-employment…

The Ultimate Tokio Hotel Fan // The Golden Year [4/5]

And finally I arrived to talk about one of the most excited year of my whole life: 2010.

Definitely that year has been full of surprises and awesome…

GLEE 3D The Concert Movie

Yesterday I’ve been at the cinema with my parents for to watch GLEE 3D The Concert Movie, yesterday was the first day of five here in Italy for…

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