The Ultimate Tokio Hotel Fan // Für Immer Jetzt [3/5]

Definitely 2008 was a year I will never forget since I had the pleasure to see Tokio Hotel live for the first time ever, but also 2009 has been important at the same time.

After a long tour (even though it was a break for Bill operation) that brought the band also in States for several times… Tokio Hotel decided to have a break and think about their new album.

That await has been long (well not so much as the one I was living right now XD) but I always had their news and the first big change has been Bill’s hair. During New Year trip in Ibiza with his inseparable brother Tom, paparazzi obviously spotted them and Bill had some fake dreadlocks in his hair: black and white and for the first time ever showed his big tattoo on left side of his bust.

I have to say that look is the only one I missed to see with my eyes since I know the band, and I’m so sorry about that… because at Coca Cola live Bill already had the Mohawk…

On May 16, 2009, TRL AWARDS were in my city and over 50,000 people were in my wonderful square, I hoped till the last minute Tokio Hotel made me a surprise but I have to say to have been really happy as well to see Bill in a vide message thanking Aliens for the win Best TRL Artist Of The Year… I was freaking out and I screamed a lot when the video appeared! A lot of people were looking me in a bad way (of course) but who cares! My four angels won and this was the only thing that counted in that moment! Bill in that video message said they were working on their new album and it will be released really soon…

The months were passing and finally a first sing: Tokio Hotel were coming back with a special session in Koln, Germany. I wanna share this moment as well even though I wasn’t physically there but seemed like I was really there. Since I follow the event on a TH’s forum where there were constantly updates, photos, videos, audios and I really enjoyed that day. Even though I was at home in front of my computer screen. But soon another sign was for me: Coca Cola Live @ MTV in Rome – special guest: Tokio Hotel. They should have present for the first time in Italy their upcoming new album and I have to be there. At that time I was friend with Antonella and we decided to go at that event… we also reserved the hotel were Tokio Hotel had to be aka Bernini Bristol… but when we came there the hall porter said us that the manager changed the hotel just the day before and they were in another one in the opposite street. But we weren’t sad at all, what counted was to see them again.

I have to say the organization was really really bad (I can compare with Padova, in 2010)… when they removed the barriers for permit the people to enter in the square, the crowd was like horses and they made fall a barrier and a girl was under it and she hurt her leg… Antonella and I tried to block the people but at a some point we run and we finally was in front row. It was only 11am and the event started at 9pm… For being in September 26, was really really hot (my parents that day were at the sea for example), it seemed a July/August day instead the end of September…

Tokio Hotel in the afternoon had a chat on HABBO in a Rome’s hotel… we preferred to attend the event so we could be more near to the stage and see them…

Sweat, tiredness, hot and other million of reasons… Antonella fainted in the beginning when they came on stage and were performing Automatic… the crowd was completely freak out (I can compare with my last Nightwish concert experience in Milan, seriously)… I couldn’t shot no photos, well yeah, I have some shots but they are blurred and only one or two are good…

So security helped Antonella to come out the crowd and I followed her, I couldn’t leave her alone since she wasn’t of age yet and so I said “bye bye” to Tokio Hotel and I watched the rest of the show in our hotel room… we were really really sad but it’s something can happen but I was glad as well that Bill saw me when I came out the crowd… I had other occasions to see him, I was sure of that… and the next year is the prove!

Coming back about what happened in 2009… well yeaaah HUMANOID album.

Oh mein Gott! I remind when Bill in Modena’s interview (2008) said: “I would like to have a blind camera in each Alien’s room and see their reactions when they will listen our new album for the first time” and these words were impressed in my mind when on October 2nd, 2009 HUMANOID has been released.

I remember step by step what I did that day and I exactly remember when I put the cd (of course, first the German one) in my stereo and I started to listen the first song: Komm… I had shiver and I cried and screamed and the same time. I was sooooooo happy and I knew really well that all that await was worth since the album was a MASTERPIECE. Still now I can get enough of it and I listen it again and again and absolutely is my favorite so far… but I’m sure the new one will become the first on the list since the day of its release…

And just 24 days later I already have bought the tickets for Padova and Rome concerts of the biggest Tokio Hotel tour ever: Welcome To The Humanoid City… but I reserve the next blog for talking about them! 😉

I couldn’t miss that experience and I always wished to do more than one date… and now, well, I’m sure to do it at least three….

I have to say that what made me feel sad the most that year hasn’t been the fact I couldn’t assist to the whole Coca Cola Live event in Rome but when I knew Bill had a car accident when he was going in Berlin for EMA’s rehearsals… another driver cut across his path and Bill went on guardrail… the car was a wreck but luckily he escaped uninjured. When I knew this fact I thought about my grandpa (my mom’s dad), I really don’t know why, he passed in July 2001 and I was really closed with him (and of course also with my other grandpa) but I thought to him and I was damn sure, and I still am, that my grandpa saved him. You can think I’m crazy or stuff like that, but I’m convinced to this fact as I’ve never been in my whole life. Other people could lost own life or be hurt but not Bill. It was a miracle!

By the way, apart this sad but with a happy ending moment, one week later my birthday I had an amazing gift: Lass Uns Laufen/World Behind My Wall music video… I think it’s one of the biggest gifts ever the band got to me!

What I learnt about 2009 hasn’t been that doesn’t matter if sometimes things don’t go how you imagined, there always is a second chance or another occasion for live amazing experience and even if some of them are tiny, always are unforgettable and I will always keep in my heart.


INTIMATE CONFESSIONS: Definitely this deserves the first place since it’s fucking funny! Hahaha my poor brother in law tells something like 2-3 times that the night before Automatisch/Automatic music video shooting he didn’t sleep since the room was so cold and his electric blanket was broken. Georg replies him the solution that obviously Tom didn’t think. Which is it? Check out the episode and you will disover 😉 Plus: the guys act as dancers! It absolutely is my favorite TH TV’s episode ever!

HAIRSTYLE INSPIRATIONS & COOKING SKILLS: Tom reveals why Bill changes his hairstyle so many times in a Spain interview. I just can say you it’s something linked with Georg too hahahahand the guys picked on Bill in hotel’s corridors and break a door! Plus: the band act as cooks in The Hormiguero show cooking pasta xp Just watch it for believe it!

ITALIAN MADNESS: a whole episode dedicated to their trip in Italy for Habbo chat and Coca Cola live. Check out Tom speech in the bus and what he does with Georg while Bill shows us he learnt something new in Italian and a cute Tom’s message for Italian people when the day after Coca Cola live the band were in Milan for a meeting with fans

PARTYTIME!: in this episode Bill and Tom celebrate their 20th birthday in an amusement park, a dream come true since they were so young.

BILL UND DIE MINIMOYS: Bill dubbed the little elf also in the second movie and in this episode he talks about this! He is sooo cute just like Arthur


The Ultimate Tokio Hotel Fan // The Golden Year