Halloween Inspired Tattoos To Get You In A Spooky State Of Mind

October is the spookiest month of the year, full of tricks, treats, and silly fears. Sure everyone loves to tap into their darker side and throw back a couple mini-candy bars, but for some, Halloween and everything associated with it is a way of life. Their passion for things that go bump in the night… More »

Scariest Villains Of All Time!

With Halloween only 3 days a way, its time to celebrate all things wicked and scary! Check out what i consider to be the SCARIEST villains of all time. Ive included TV shows, movies, and even cartoons, as a really scary villain shines through in all forms! Are any of you terrified of these baddies?… More »

The 10 Most Haunted Places In America

It’s October, which means the Spookiest season has finally approached us. As much as I love haunted houses and hayrides, I am terrified of any real scares so i looked up where I need to avoid! Check out 10 of the most haunted places in America! Have you guys been to any of these places?… More »

Halloween: Breaking Bad, Jessica Alba, Penguins, Oh My…

Halloween has always been a huge tradition in my family. Part due to the fact that one side of my fam owns one of the largest retail halloween stores in the US: The…

Scared To Death: A Terrifying Night At Knott’s Scary Farm

SO last night Brittany and I faced our fears and headed over to Knotts Scary Farm. Let me just start off by saying we were TERRIFIED. Words can’t express the distress…

Question Of The Day: What’s The Scariest Place You’ve Ever Been To?

Is today’s Q written correctly? It doesn’t “sound” right in my brain. I should probably know these types of things but

  1. I am not a writer (even though I work on internets)
  2. You get the idea so…

Knott’s Scary Farm VIP Night: Feat. Corbin Bleu, Peyton List, Janel Parrish & More!

I am a HUGE Halloween fan, all this scary are my jam. I love costumes, horror movies, haunted houses etc. I have been DYING (no pun intended) to go to Knott’s Scary Farm and once I saw these photos I was even more stoked to go! This park has over 1,000 monsters, rides, food and… More »

So Why Do We Celebrate Friday The 13th?

Black Cats, Jason, Scary Movies, Cheap tattoos and the fear of the #13!

We all know what Friday the 13th is but do we all know why we celebrate it? I sure didn’t until well..about 10…

Friday The 13th: Let’s Get Weird

It’s Friday the 13th!!! BUM BUM BUMMMM!!! 😉 We only get two of them this year. The next one will be in December. Here are some things you can do on Friday the 13th… Let’s get weird! 😉 Do you plan on doing anything out of the ordinary or unusual today? Anything on this list?… More »

30 Of The Best Shark Fashion!

IT IS THE START OF THE BEST WEEK EVER! SHARK WEEK!!! I seriously can’t express how much I love sharks, ugh the best! I used to have a small one as a pet and want a real big one day… a girl can dream right? Here are 30 of my fave shark fashion items…what is… More »

Celebs Share Their Biggest Fears

Our favorite celebs are a lot more like us than we know. Even people like Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears have crazy fears and phobias. I never would of thought Oprah would be afraid of gum! Do you have a phobia or crazy fear?

What Would YOU Do If ‘The Purge’ Was Real?

So…as you may know there is a movie coming out on June 7th called The Purge. I got the pleasure of seeing the TERRIFYING screening of it last night…omg messed with my head…

Would You Rather: The Creepy Bunny Edition

Oh, Easter. With only a few tweaks here and there, Easter, just like my life, can be an awful and scary thing. On the one hand, we have bunnies (which are cute), but then you have people (which are weird) that like to dress up as bunnies (which is not cool) and hold your children… More »

Justin Bieber’s Trip To London Proves Again That He Is Actually The Worst

Remember when there was actually a shred of something to like about Justin Bieber? The cute kid with a bowl cut, who was living…

5 Ways To Face Your Fears

Let’s face it: fears are scary! From public speaking to pesky spiders, the last thing anyone wants to do with their fear is to stare it straight in the eye. But with…

Jessi Jae Joplin’s Halloween This Or That

Halloween is upon us and Buzznet asked me some “This or That” questions about how I spend the festivities… 

  1. Fruity candy or chocolate?  SOUR CANDY (Skittles,…

Halloween Hits The Road

Celebrating Halloween doesn’t have to stop at costumes and decorating your house! You can even deck out your car! I put together a gallery of some of the craziest Halloween-themed cars. Would YOU ever decorate your car like this?

Ashlee Holmes: Halloween Q&A

Halloween is almost around the corner! Buzznet sent me over some questions to answer in the spirit of the Halloween season. Check out what I had to say below! xx

BN:<span style="font-size:…

Gabbie Brown Talks About Her Halloween Traditions!

I can’t get enough of all of the fun stuff that comes along with Fall and Halloween, check out my answers to these Halloween filled questions!

If you could throw the coolest Halloween party with no…

Couple Halloween Costumes!

Halloween is that one night when you can dress up and be ANYTHING you want to be (and eat a bunch of candy)! While I was looking through some Halloween costume photos I came across a bunch of cute couple costumes that I thought I should share. How fun would it be to dress up… More »

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