Scared To Death: A Terrifying Night At Knott’s Scary Farm

SO last night Brittany and I faced our fears and headed over to Knotts Scary Farm. Let me just start off by saying we were TERRIFIED. Words can’t express the distress and panic we were in moments before even exiting the parking lot. I believe my first words as we entered were, “nope, I’m leaving bye”. Britt made me stay and basically forced me into all the mazes and haunted houses.

Clowns, men with chainsaws, witches and creatures of all kinds were roaming around the park jumping at every chance they could to scare us. We were basically a target. Two girls, alone, holding each other every step of the way, it was very obvious we were petrified.

The first haunted house, Delirium, which was described, as a “hellish wasteland” was definitely the scariest. Our screams were blood curdling and people were actually laughing at us inside. I’m happy to say we made it out alive and moved onto the next.

Here we are moments before entering the maze, “End Games”. This picture pretty much sums it up.

The night ended after going in “Uncle Willys Slaughter House”. It was a mix of frightening and repulsive. Dead bodies and animals were all over the place and it was a bloody nightmare.

There was also an Audrina Patridge sighting! She seemed to be a little braver than we were, posing with the monsters.

The night was fun even though we were shaking the entire time fearing for our lives. Knotts is a fun place all year round and if you are ever in LA I would definitely recommend checking it out.

Are you brave or scared like us when it comes to haunted places?

Do you have a favorite haunted house?

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