Halloween: Breaking Bad, Jessica Alba, Penguins, Oh My…

Halloween has always been a huge tradition in my family. Part due to the fact that one side of my fam owns one of the largest retail halloween stores in the US: The Halloween Outlet. It was once a grocery store that now fills its 30,000 sq foot floor with cotumes, accessories, props, masks, everything really. I had my fair share of awesome comstumes growing up (always WWE wrestlers because I was the man…) and I later worked there for a few seasons. So its in my blood.

Something about all the girly crap where the weather starts to get cool and windy, the leaves fall, days get shorter, makes me happy. Here are a few of my favorite Halloween activities:

Haunted Houses: Been to a TON. This year a bunch of us went to Rob Zombies Great American Nightmare: Pretty damn scary. Go.

Last week Martin and I checked out Universal Horror Nights with Alexander Deleon, RJ Mitte (breaking bad breakfast king) and a few friends. We did every ride in the park from 7pm to 2am. GO. (Jurassic Park in the dark was cool except the damn velociraptors kept spraying water in my face and I couldnt see where it was coming from).

Movies: So many horror movies out there, but only a few really capture the feeling of Halloween.

-Halloween (Rob Zombie version) is such a perfect classic horror movie, made modern. The plot, the acting, the FEELING like you are there.

-House of 1000 Corpses is one of my all time favorites. Genius movie. If you haven’t seen it, do this one first. The best scene is when they pull up to Captain Spaulding’s Friend Chicken and Gasoline… Oh boy. Also Dwight Schrute is in this movie before he was… Dwight Schrute… //www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjkY_Gb9_Qo

-Idle Hands. Comedy, Stoner flick. Not usually my jam just the atomostphere will teleport you back to the street you grew up on for a trick or treating session. Plus hilarious. Plus Seth Green. Plus zombies. Plus old school Jessica Alba in angel costume……………………………..

-Session 9 is not a Halloween movies persay. But I will say it is the most terrifying film of all time due to how real it feels. No goblins, cgi, loud violins to confuse you. Just the now defunct Danver’s State mental hospital, and a lot of night time scenes…

Also, I was a penguin this weekend:

Happy Halloween

What are your favorite Halloween activities?