Ashlee Holmes: Halloween Q&A

Halloween is almost around the corner! Buzznet sent me over some questions to answer in the spirit of the Halloween season. Check out what I had to say below! xx

BN: Who is your favorite villain from a TV show or a movie?

AH: Hmm… I’m probably gonna have to go with Claus from The Vampire Diaries. EVERYONE is soooooo goodlooking on that show. Who doesn’t like a sexy bad boy? 😉

BN: Name three of your favorite scary movies!

AH: 1.) The orphanage. It’s a Spanish film with subtitles. It was insanely scary. 2.) The first Paranormal Activity movie… I actually thought it was real for almost a month before I found out it was fake. 3.) The Strangers. Scary movies that are actually realistic get me more than movies that aren’t. The fact that The Strangers was based on a true story REALLY got to me. Especially when the girl asks, “Why are you doing this to us”; and the masked person just says, “Because you were home”. Chills.

BN: If you could spend the day with any superhero who would you pick?

AH: Batman. He’s awesome. The end.

BN: Are you a fan of werewolfs or vampires?

AH: I gotta go with Vampires. I wish they were real. I want to be one.

BN: What is your favorite famous horror scene?

AH: I don’t know. I’ve seen a lot of scary movies. So just for fun, I have to go with the ending scene in Halloween H20… ONLY BECAUSE my boyfriend and I have a special memory involving that scene 🙂 lol

What are some of YOUR answers to these questions?!