So Why Do We Celebrate Friday The 13th?

Black Cats, Jason, Scary Movies, Cheap tattoos and the fear of the #13!

We all know what Friday the 13th is but do we all know why we celebrate it? I sure didn’t until well..about 10 minutes ago!

I guess it basically all leads back to the fact that in history Friday has been un lucky and lots of crazy stuff has happened on a Friday and then #12 was a favored # for its associatoon with completeness: 12 months, 12 hours on a clock etc.

All that aside I LOVE thsi day! I actually have gotten 3 Friday the 13th tattoos so far and am going to get another today. The cool part is tattoo shops open up from midnight on the 12th to midnigt on the 13th and do $13 tattoos plus $7 for good luck resulting in a nice $20 tattoo!

Here are the ones I have so far:

What do you do on Friday The 13th?

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