Justin Bieber’s Trip To London Proves Again That He Is Actually The Worst

Remember when there was actually a shred of something to like about Justin Bieber? The cute kid with a bowl cut, who was living the American (Canadian) dream?

More recently though he’s been trying to thug it up and can’t seem to keep his pants above crotch-level. His fancy sweats are actually defying the science of elastic. Also, why no shirt?

Should we be concerned that he’s been sporting a gas mask? Is he having a mental breakdown since his breakup with Selena? Maybe he is loving watching The Dark Knight Rises on DVD and got inspired. I just dont know.

Oh yeah, he also went on a mayj Twitter rant, is he losing his mind?

UPDATE: Shortly after I wrote this the Biebs collapsed backstage while performing at the 02 Arena in London and was rushed to the hospital. Not sure what’s up with him but he posted this photo to his Instagram account with the message “Gettin better listening to Janice Joplin”. (Shirt still off, BTW.)

Maybe Biebs should take a sabbatical, chill for a while. What do you think?