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How I Feel About Marriage Equality In GIFs

At first I was like: 

and then I was like:

when I knew that all the people I care about could…

Heartblog: It’s Okay To Be A Geek

Last night I was talking with my friend Lucy, and we were talking about how some people seem too cool for everything, and that I am the polar opposite. I am way tooooo excited about…


I am in the middle of the last little prep before our wedding this summer and look what I found on today! A little wedding inspiration from some familiar faces, how fantastic. The next thing I did was email my wedding planner and gush about how beautiful everything was, my hat is off to… More »

Keltie X Samii: Los Angeles Photoshoot

Hi lovelies! While miss. Samii Ryan was in town we shot for her blog, #whatshewore, just outside my new house in LA. I love this brick building right next door and I invited Samii over to shoot. We had so much fun and I was really feeling my bellbottom jeans! What do you think of… More »

25 Ways To Wear Cut-Off’s This Summer

Summer is here. I’m heading to Tuscany tomorrow for a wedding and packing all my favorite summer clothes! I’m learning to relove my cut-off shorts and repurpose them in a new way, and I’ve put together a gallery of inspiration as to how to wear our cut-off’s in new fresh ways! How do you guys… More »

HEARTBLOG: You Are On Your Own

Someone tweeted me this week that they were very sad because they had skipped the prom and no one had noticed. while that is pretty sad, and a skipped prom is a bummer…

Keltie Colleen’s Best Celebrity Interviews…So Far This Year!

It’s BEST OF…SO FAR month here on Buzznet, and I wanted to take a walk down memory lane and share all of my favorite moments so far this year interviewing celebritiesi didnt for Omg!Insider and other shows too! I really do have the coolest job ever. I think I am just proof that if you… More »

Keltie Colleen’s New York Adventure Working For FUSE!

It’s Alexa Chung week for me, I’m in NYC, spending the week talking about music and working with Fuse. It’s so cool to be back in the city, and put on my music and walk around and reminise about all the years I lived here. It’s so crazy to think my time in nyc is… More »

Keltie Colleen interview in Highlight Magazine!

I’m so excited to be in this months Highlight Magazine talking about work and Cher. no joke. This is one of my favorite online magazines about music and I was pretty…

Keltie Colleen’s Best And Worst Red Carpet Moments

TGIF! It’s friday and I’m working like a dog today shooting for Omg!Insider, and packing for my trip to NYC to work for FUSE all next week (exciting!!!) Tomorrow, I am covering the SPIKE TV’s Guys Choice Awards, and I have just inlisted my first stylist to help me look amazing on the red carpet,… More »

Keltie Colleen x Samii Ryan Shoot

This week I had the most fun ever when my girl Samii Ryan came to LA + came to my new house to play with me + do a shoot for her amazing site whatshewore. We decided to play dress up, and I rocked my new David Bowie Chaser sweater, an Urban outfitters skirt, my… More »

Keltie Colleen Guest Blogging For Bride’s Magazine

Swoon and I are getting married in 2 months and it’s crazytown around here! I’m so so so excited to annouce that I am guest blogging for BRIDE’s Magazine for the next two…

25 Things To Do After A Break-Up

Last night a dear friend of mine sent me the text “Another Break up. They never really get easier, do they.” She’s right. They never get easier. I think really liking someone and that person deciding that they do not feel the same way, is terrible. The thing I get asked the most about, is… More »

50 Perfect Sandals For Summer

Last night I caught myself searching madly for a pair of new cute summer sandals (and some nice treats for our honeymoon) and realized that there are so super cute styles out this summer. Here are a collection of some of the cutest sandals that you can rock with a dress or jean shorts, all… More »

Heartblog: High Winds And Changing Things

Today an entire city was ruined. People’s lives came to an end. 


The Best Dressed Celebs From The 2012 Billboard Awards

This Sunday, May 19th is the Billboard Music Awards in vegas. It is my FAVORITE music awards because all the biggest stars come, and Billboard really cares about music. I cannot believe it was only two years ago that I was dancing with Beyonce up on that stage! Crazy! This year I expect a lot… More »

Video: Which wedding dress do you like?

Last night on Omg!Insider the piece I did about wedding dress shopping ran on the show. I loved this day so so so much, so I wanted to share. Check it out and leave me…

Sorento Serenades with Boyz II Men: On Bended Knee!

I am just three months away from Swoon and I’s wedding. Can you believe it! Planning a wedding brings out all kinds of emotions, and I swear to you guys, I am like a sappy…

Jessi Jae Joplin Attends Nylon Magazine Young Hollywood Party

A couple nights ago I attended Nylon Magazine’s Young Hollywood Party hosted by the lovely and talented Chloe Grace Moretz. It was held at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood…and it was such a blast! I was so happy because several of my fellow Buzzmate‘s were there (Lola Blanc, Ashlee Holmes, Hannabeth, Mynxi White and Keltie… More »

Photos From The NYLON Young Hollywood Party

It’s true. I actually left my house last night. I wanted to have a little fun so I headed to the Nylon Mag Young Hollywood party last night. I ran into SO many of the people I love the most! Alex Deleon, Austin Carlile, Debby Ryan, Jeremy Fall, Stefanie Scott, Brandi Cyrus, Nikkia lee, Katelyn… More »

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