25 Things To Do After A Break-Up

Last night a dear friend of mine sent me the text “Another Break up. They never really get easier, do they.” She’s right. They never get easier. I think really liking someone and that person deciding that they do not feel the same way, is terrible.

The thing I get asked the most about, is break-ups. I like to think it is beacuse I am smart or you like me. But, I know it’s because I had that really public break-up where I was terrible and pathetic and wrote a book about it and was the worst version of hreart-broken I could have been. It’s funny that you ask me break-up advice, since obviously I was terrible at break-ups!

I put together my essential list of things to do after you get dumped, as a way to help you guys get through it. I hope you read it, if you need it and copy the link and share it with your friends who need it too.

love you guys,