Heartblog: High Winds And Changing Things

Today an entire city was ruined. People’s lives came to an end.

Last month, a city was bombed. People’s lives came to an end.

In the years, decades and centuries before these events, terrible things have happened and because of those things, people’s lives came to an end.

When tragic events happen, I chose to mourn and send love and healing to anyone dealing with the grief. The next thing I do, is think about the day and wonder if today was the day that my life ended, would I be happy with the way I lived that last day? Would I be happy with the way I lived my life?

I am pretty sure that unless you have a terrible disease, or you are 107 years old, that none of us wake up thinking- today is my last day.

We hear the stories of car crashes, and freak accidents and natural disasters but we can never comprehend that those things would ever happen to us. Those ends are for the other people. We pictures our old ages, and forevers, and sit back convinced that we have many more years to become the people we were meant to be. That we have more time to work on our souls, our health, our compassion and many more years to see the world, love eachother and create something important and lasting.

The truth is, of course, that the next minute is not promised to us.

I cannot tell you why bad things happen to good people. I cannot tell you why Tornado’s pick paths that take them through the middle of children’s schools. All I can tell you is that, you must stop existing and you must start living.

Tomorrow is not promised to you.

If you want to help please visit //www.redcross.org and donate.