HEARTBLOG: You Are On Your Own

Someone tweeted me this week that they were very sad because they had skipped the prom and no one had noticed. while that is pretty sad, and a skipped prom is a bummer, I would say this…

And it’s true. we spend so much time, just, hanging out and waiting for people to save us, notice us, love us. Why?

My friend jeff often corrects me when I get on a rant and I say things like, “I work hard, I deserve this!” He hates that, he always corrects me and says to me that we really do not deserve anything. He’s right. People don’t have to like us, just because we work hard or want for something doesn’t mean that we DESERVE it, or that it is a given.

It’s hard when we live in this self-obsessed culture, and we are all so lucky. We just expect people to remember us, love us, treat us be there for us and give us ipods at christmas time, right? But why, we really have to be our own saviors, I think. It’s no ones job but your own to live your life.

Go. Live.


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