Keltie Colleen’s Best And Worst Red Carpet Moments

TGIF! It’s friday and I’m working like a dog today shooting for Omg!Insider, and packing for my trip to NYC to work for FUSE all next week (exciting!!!) Tomorrow, I am covering the SPIKE TV’s Guys Choice Awards, and I have just inlisted my first stylist to help me look amazing on the red carpet, because lets face it, I do not always make the best choices. I’ve had some outfits that I have loved, and others that have not gone over too well. Sometimes, it’s hard to dress yourself and most of the time, i think I look really firece and then I get the pictures back and I find out that I looked TERRIBLE. wah wah. So, I am trying to pick out what to wear tomorrow, and I was looking through these old red carpet photos and wanted to ask you guys which look you liked the best?

Make sure to hit me up on Twitter and Instagram to let me know which style you like? I’m excited to cover the awards!