Keltie Colleen’s New York Adventure Working For FUSE!

It’s Alexa Chung week for me, I’m in NYC, spending the week talking about music and working with Fuse. It’s so cool to be back in the city, and put on my music and walk around and reminise about all the years I lived here. It’s so crazy to think my time in nyc is over. Fuse has been super fun, and I’ve been hosting all kinds of fun content for them, including doing some work for Fuse News (have you guys been watching?)

All the talent here is incredible, and I was so excited to meet and hang out with the ultamite it girl, miss. Alexa Chung, I’m super jealous of all her clothes and her person style, I’m 100% dork next to that girL, for sure.

I also got to spend the last few nights at my bestie spagetti’s place in Queens. He’s moving home and it really was the last night in the apartment last night and when we got home I just started bawling crying. It truly is the end of an era for us. We moved to NYC as just little kids with big dreams and I couldn’t have imagined at that time the adventures the world would hold for me. xx

enjoy the pics! xx