14 Valentine’s Day Songs For Romantic Singles

In case you were unaware, Valentine’s Day is looming upon us all. It’s that one day of the year when all couples are forced to spend excessive amounts of money on eachother in order to ‘prove their love’, and all singletons have to join some kind of solidarity in which they declare war on romance. If, like me, you don’t wish to join the anti-love movement, here is a playlist for everyone who is single but romantic. Because just because you’re single doesn’t mean you’re destined to be forever alone with 22 cats.

Snow Patrol – New York

Missing somebody? This track from Snow Patrol‘s sixth album “Fallen Empires” features Gary Lightbody longing for someone far away. Beautiful. “Though there’s distance and there’s silence, your words have never left me. They’re the prayer I say everyday.”

Michael Bublé – Haven’t Met You Yet

Perhaps you’re not alone this Valentine’s Day because obstacles have taken the one you love away from you but instead because you just haven’t met the right person yet. “Wherever you are, whenever it’s right, you’ll come out of nowhere and into my life.”

Sia – Day Too Soon

So you’re starting to get tired of waiting around to be swept off the feet, but don’t worry because Sia’s wonderful “Day Too Soon” offers plently of daydream material. “Honey, I will meet you. Darling, I will keep you in my heart.”

Patrick Stump – Everybody Wants Somebody

On first hearing, this track may seem to side with the “Boycott Love” camp but if you listen carefully, you’ll realise it’s offering comforting advice for unrequited love. “Hold me. Distract me. Dress me up in bubbles, baby. Save me from the troubles of my own skin.”

Prince – I Wanna Be Your Lover

You ain’t got no money, you ain’t like those other guys they hand around with but you want to be their lover, right? If so, this is the song for you. “I get discouraged ’cause you treat me just like a child, and they say I’m so shy but with you I just go wild!”

Katy Perry – The One That Got Away

Katy Perry‘s own Valentine’s Day is going to be very different from last year’s. If you’re feeling nostalgic and remembering old crushes then her music will offer you the healing words. “In another life, I would be your girl. We’d keep all our promises, be us against the world.”

Taylor Swift – Sparks Fly

It would be impossible to compile a love-related playlist without including Taylor Swift. While her entire discography may be appropriate for you, “Sparks Fly” offers a love story straight from the movies. Wouldn’t you just love someone to “Drop everything now, meet me in the pouring rain, kiss me on the sidewalk, take away the pain”?

Death Cab For Cutie – I Will Possess Your Heart

Do you want to possess someone’s heart (in the metaphorical sense, not in a jar for safe keeping)? If so then Death Cab For Cutie’s track will make a great alternative Valentine’s anthem for you. “I long for this mirrored perspective when we’ll be lovers, lovers at last”

The Downtown Fiction – Your Voice

You’re in love….with the person on your Tumblr dashboard. This one’s for all those ‘married’ to their favourite celebrities – you know who you are. (N.B The song’s actually about Taylor Swift, and was the idea of BUZZNET’s very own Sara Scoggs.) “I heard your voice on the radio, I know every word and the way it goes. If you could only play your old sweet song for me.”

Wheatus – Teenage Dirtbag

Perhaps that person who seems to be looking down on you because of your taste in music isn’t really doing that. Maybe they’re just concealing their desire to be with you and are actually a teenage dirtbag just like you. “Oh how she rocks in keds and tube socks, but she doesn’t know who I am.”

Adele – Someone Like You

If you don’t want to have to get the tissues out, avoid all Adele songs this month. If, however, you’re a masochist then stick on 21 and get weeping. “Don’t forget me, I beg. I remember you said, “Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead.”

Brandon Flowers – Jilted Lovers & Broken Hearts

If you’re a jilted lover with a broken heart then this song may offer the solution to your problems. Lyrically, there may be bitter elements but the contagiousness of the chorus makes it irresistably upbeat. “I need a place to take refuge. See, I been loving you blind. I guess that it made it hard for me to find.”

Charlene Soraia – Wherever You Will Go

Currently known as “that song off that tea advert“, Charlene Soraia has recorded a whistful rendition of The Calling’s anthem. A song with many different readings ranging from the romantic to the spiritual, this can be interpreted however you wish it to be. “If I could, then I would. I’ll go wherever you will go”

Beyoncé – Single Ladies

If the slushy overtones have taken their toll on you, it’s ok to lift your spirits with “Single Ladies”. Besides the track isn’t anti-commitment, it’s actually pro-love. Remember? “If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it”

Single ladies (and fellas), what’s your favourite Valentine’s Day song?