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The Killers Return With New Music……From 1972

The Killers are back with some new music but calm yourself because before you prepare yourself to hear a new indie chart-topping anthem, the song isn’t as ‘new’ as you may…

14 Valentine’s Day Songs For Romantic Singles

In case you were unaware, Valentine’s Day is looming upon us all. It’s that one day of the year when all couples are forced to spend excessive amounts…

Lady Gaga, The Killers And More Confirm 2012 Albums

When I say that Mother Mother (or should I call her Queen of the Damned) is joining The Killers, I do not mean that her…

Question of the Day: Who Would Your Celeb Prom King Be?

In honor of the upcoming film release for Disney’s Prom, we thought it would be fun to ask you all about your choice for prom king.

The rules are fairly…

Bands announced for Hop Farm Festival

The Hop Farm Festival have confirmed Death Cab for Cutie, Bryan Ferry, Brandon Flowers and The Eagles. Talk about an awesome and interesting start to the line-up. The festival takes place…

Explaining the Video: Brandon Flowers ‘Crossfire’

Brandon Flowers is…contemplative.

Brandon Flowers is…looking a little beat up.

Brandon Flowers is…tied to a chair?

Is this one of those weird Mormon things?

Oh, wait, there’s explosions and ninjas.  So,…

Brandon Flowers’ Album Art

He went solo and stuff. This is the cover of his upcoming effort Flamingo. I can’t tell if he’s wearing eyeliner–(remember the Mr. Brightside video?)–but I think I’d still hit it. We can talk about the actual music later–for now… *pets screen*

Tuesday Buzz 7/17

Brandon Flowers is a daddy! Baby Flowers was born Saturday! (Allieiswired)

Recappin’ Posh Spice’s reality show with IBBB.

Is Paris Hilton drugging her dates? (Evil Beet)


The Killers – For Reasons Unknown

This song is probably one of my least favorites on Sam’s Town, but the video is okay. And by okay I mean I think they’re obsessed with sort of western theme, but hey, Brandon is still hot.

Baby Killer. Er, I mean, Baby Brandon Flowers.

I’m going to take a moment to exit the alternate reality in which I live– the one where Brandon Flowers is unmarried, single, and has permanent eyeliner– to…

Back up off the Brando(e)ns!

So Cracked posted this list of the 9 Biggest Wussies in Rock Music, and at first I was like, whatever, Billy Corgan, Moby and Chris Cornell are so 1997. But then I click to page…

Music Stuff 3/9

Brandon Flowers tastes like Potato Chips! (music slut)Bright Eyes – No One would Riot For Less. (indieblogheaven)Menomena Tour, Video. (YANP)Whats the Greatest Indie Anthem of ALL TIME? (NME)

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