Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Believe it or not, Valentine’s Day is already only two week away! If you are like me, you like to plan out a few outfit options weeks in advance to be prepared for whatever you end up doing. Whether you plan on going on a romantic date or spending the night out with your girlfriends,… More »

Which Valentine’s Day Social Media Role Are You?

Valentine’s Day is a day full of mixed emotions. Either you love it, hate it or overthink it. Do you want to embrace your love for a significant other…


It’s the Claw Machine in Walmart, that must be so horrible locked up inside a Walmart all day and night just waiting to be Rescued and Loved !! View in full size

Bunch Of Love From Britney Spears // Happy Valentine’s Day

The most magic and romantic day of the year…

Easy Valentine’s Treat: Quick Cake Pop Recipe

Last night around midnight, I decided to whip up a batch of my favorite sweet treats – cake pops! They’re super easy to make and…

Creepy-Cute Vintage Valentine’s Day Cards!

This Valentine’s Day I’m getting all my friends together and hosting a super dope little party at the BubbleGoth HQ – stay tuned for some party photos 🙂 – cause, fuck it, why not right?! Celebrate some love with ALL of your loved ones – don’t be traditional! These amazing and super untraditional Valentine’s Day… More »

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him & Her!

With Valentine’s Day merely a week away, NOW is the time to shop because, let’s be honest, you’ll completely forget and end up having to get your love some cheesy, last…

Thought Blog: What Is Love?

Remember when this is how you felt about love?

Ok if that didn’t make your day…

Heart-Shaped Glasses: I Only Have Eyes For You

As I have mentioned, I’m in love with everything Valentine’s Day related, and heart-shaped glasses are no exception. They may only protect your eyes and not your heart, but they are beyond adorable. And apparently I am not alone in my infatuation – I have compiled a bunch of celebs sporting these cute frames. Which… More »

Love Inspired Quotes

It’s Valentine’s Day today, a day that many dread if they are single and also a day that many people feast on chocolates and receive a bunch of flowers from their Valentine. All in all it is just another day that really shouldn’t make anyone upset…but Hallmark finds a way to make you feel otherwise…. More »

Single Celebrities On Valentine’s Day

[brightcove id=2163509769001 type=videoPlayer autoplay=0]

Are you facing Valentine’s day alone? Well you’re in good company! This year, the biggest stars are single this February 14!

Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears and Jennifer Lawrence are just…

“Fall” In Love With These Celebrities

While all of the cutesy couples are getting ready for their big Valentine’s Day plans I decided to put together a gallery for all of us single folk to smile about. This gallery isn’t about cute celebrity couples or love…it is about celebs FALLING…to the ground. YUP, figured hey, no need to cry to The… More »

Best Valentine’s Day Nail Art

I’m a sucker for all things Valentine’s Day desserts, flowers, pinks, and hearts…what’s not to love? Nail art is always up on my list for a favorite fashion accessory. These are some of the best Valentine’s Day nails on the web! WHICH ARE YOUR FAVORITES?

Miss KL Dating Chronicles: Audrey Kitching

We are officially 8 days away from Valentine’s Day! Do you have plans yet? Or will you be at home wolfing down I’m-single-and-hate-V-Day cookies? If you are leaning towards the cookies, we’ll…

February Inspiration: Charlotte Free Rocks Pink

No matter how much we try to be anti-Valentine’s day or love ourselves more this time of year, we can’t get away from one thing…PINK! I’m a fan of pink..especially for hair! I’ve had some crazy colors in the past and Charlotte Free has been an ongoing obsession. This month she makes me want my… More »

14 Valentine’s Day Songs For Romantic Singles

In case you were unaware, Valentine’s Day is looming upon us all. It’s that one day of the year when all couples are forced to spend excessive amounts…

My Top 16 Most Beautiful Women (2011)

My Top 16 Most Beautiful Women… in no particular order.
1. Audrey Kitching

Name: Audrey Kitching (Scene name: Twigg Violence)

Occupation: Model/ spokesperson/ blogger (for Buzznet)

Why I like her: Her pink hair, animal rights activist, great personalith


Free Download of ‘Valentine’ from Kina Grannis

If the best things in life are free, Kina Grannis has a sweet Valentine treat for you.

Since it’s the time of year for candy hearts and crush-confessions, Kina is offering a FREE download of her…

Photo Diary Long Hair Don’t Care


My Valentine’s Day Gift………

OH GODIVA how much do I love you, let me count the ways ~ YUM,YUM,YUM,YUM,YUM,YUM,YUM,YUM,YUM,YUM,YUM,YUM,YUM,YUM, my husband is so sweet ~

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