Eight Great Songs About Singers

No, I’m not talking about songs that make subtle references to their musical love interests (insert many Taylor Swift songs here); I am instead talking about those so blatant that the singer in question is the title of the track (yes, I am aware of Taylor Swift’s ‘Dear John (Mayer)’ but that doesn’t count).

Anyway here’s a run-down of the best from Britney Spears to Barbara Streisand to Patrick Stump because you haven’t ‘made it’ as a singer until somebody else is singing about you.

Zenttric – Lady Gaga

We all know that Stefani Germanotta became Lady Gaga because of her role in We Will Rock You, right? Well now, Spanish band Zenttric have written a song (loosely) about Lady Gaga to the (loose) tune of Radio Gaga – clever, eh? Zenttric may be the latest to dedicate a track to the Mother Monster, but they’re not the first; Theresa Fu was singing about her last year.

Candy Rose – Patrick Stump

I don’t know about you but any song that contains the line “Mr Stump, I salute you” is an instant win with me. This is a heart-on-the-sleeve open letter to Patrick Stump and before you ask, yes he did write a reply. No, he didn’t go on Youtube warbling “Candy Rose, I’ve got a crush on you too” but he was flattered enough to follow her back on Twitter.

Busted – Britney

Before the VMAs decided Britney was an icon, Busted penned their own ‘tribute’ to her. I say ‘tribute’ but somehow I don’t think that it was Miss Spears’ music that they were interested in. It’s certainly my favourite Britney song anyway.

Duck Sauce – Barbara Streisand

This is definitely not the most lyrically intelligent tribute song but it’s certainly one of the catchiest. Oooh ooooh oooooh ooooh BARBARA STREISAND! Oh and it featured in Glee so extra pop culture status

Weezer – Buddy Holly

Anybody who’s anybody seems to be covering Buddy Holly this year (to mark what would have been his 75th birthday) but long before Weezer took their hand to penning an original song in his same. There’s also a cult cover by Biffy Clyro that you should check out.

MGMT – Brian Eno

According to the lyrics, MGMT always feel one step behind Brian Eno. Bless. They needn’t worry however as within one search of ‘Brian Eno’, you’re redirected to MGMT’s song so maybe they’re catching up with him – well, almost.

Green Day – Amy

Sadly, when songs about artists aren’t celebratory (or out of plain mockery), they’re just a result of sympathy. With lyrics about “blood stained ballet shoes”, this song is unmistakenly about the passing of no other Amy than Miss Winehouse. Unfortunately, only a rough live recording exists online but it’s better than nothing. Upsetting stuff.

Flicks – Hayley

On a much cheerier note, Flicks sing about Hayley (Williams) not giving them enough romantic attention. It’s similar to The Downtown Fiction’s ‘Your Voice’ (which is actually about Taylor Swift) except it goes as far as naming the songstress of their desires. Nice pop-punk fun.

So what’s your favourite? Have I missed any out?