8 Things From 2016 We’d LOVE To Forget

At this point, it’s safe to say 2016 was not a world class year. In fact, most people I know are ready for this insane year to be OVER and done with. If you’re reflecting on the past 11 months wondering why it was such a shit show, let’s help you pour a little bit of… More »

Remembering Prince

The world has been rocked by the loss of Prince. A true pioneer and visionary in the music industry, his talent, style and confidence was unparalleled by any other artist. Loving and grateful to his fans, private in his personal life and a firecracker on stage, Prince stood as one of the few great living… More »

Disney charcters taking selfies

Although taking a lot of selfies has been linked to a narcissistic disorder by many psychologists, it’s a trend we can’t ignore regardless of us loving or hating it. Ever wondered what your favorite Disney characters would look while taking selfies? Wonder no more…I got a fun weekend gallery for you or pouting belles and… More »

The Cinderella Trailer Is Finally Here + Magical Movie Photos

Cinderella is finally headed to the live-action big screen, 65 years after Walt Disney Pictures released the animated classic. Downton Abbey‘s Lily James as the fairytale princess. Academy Award winner Cate Blanchett plays her wicked stepmother, Lady Tremaine, and Helena Bonham Carter plays her fairy godmother. Hunky Prince Charming will be played by Richard Madden…. More »

5 Things Prince Taught Me

I was re-watching Arsenio Hall…

Music Footprint: The Wet Secrets

You have a chance to leave a music footprint on the people around you. Everyday I try to share new tunes with the people I surrond myself with and the lovely people who follow me…

South By So What Announces Lineup

Am I the only person counting down till festival season? I love South By South West and hope to attend this year! SXSW is known for getting the head start on up and coming acts…

The Last Chapter Of Honor Society @ The Roxy

It only seemed fitting that I travel to the magical city…

Reasons To Love Prince Harry!

In honor of this dashing prince, I decided to create a gallery of some great pictures of Prince Harry and all the reasons why he is so loved! Who is your favorite Prince?

The Royal Ruckus

Every time I post something about the British Royal Family, someone asks why Americans care about the British royals. I think I can explain why…

1. Fairy tales. 

Katelyn’s Book Shelf: The Summer Prince by Alaya Dawn Johnson

I have a stack of books I have been reading this summer.  A book I finsished reading today was the Summer Prince by Alaya Dawn Johnson, which I heard about here…

Let’s Go Crazy: It’s Prince’s Birthday

As everyone knows, Prince is my favorite music human being of all time. I dream of the day when I have the change to sit down and pick his musicology brain. Today, we we’re given the gift of the purple majesty. That’s right, It’s Prince’s Birthday! And nobody appericaites him more than me… (I think)… More »

Best Performances Of The Billboard Music Awards… So Far

Hi guys, one of my favorite award shows is The Billboard Music Awards. Mostly because It’s voted by the fans and I always like to think that my music voice matters…

Are Ballads A Dying Breed?


There’s something so special about a ballad. Maybe it’s the fact that they are so rare…

40 Disney Characters With Tattoos And Piercings!

Hey guys, I feel like I have yet to meet a single person who isnt in love with at least ONE Disney character or movie. I had the craziest idea to look for Disney princesses and princes that are tattood and pierced. I found SO MANY good ones! I mean Hi, Prince Eric with a… More »


I can’t be the only person who gets asked all the time why I’m single right? I mean, I’m evening starting to ask myself that question now.

Yes, I’d rather spend my time listening…

Artist Spotlight: Topher Mohr

I had a chance this week to sit down with the extremely talented upcoming musician Topher Mohr. His new album Phlotilla just hit stores &amp…

Hey You, Why Did You Change?

A blog is suppose to be a place where you share your feelings, right? A place where you can just be stripped,raw and tell your side of a story. Lay it all out…

Top 5 Super Bowl Half Time Performances

Yes, I will admit that the one reason I tune into the Super Bowl is to watch the halftime performance.. and the commericals ( I do enjoy football though)…

Gabbie Brown Shares Her Favorite Prince Tracks

I thought that it was time.. Time to bring Prince to my BUZZNET blog. Well, not really Prince (How cool would that be?)

If we’re pals…

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